Monday, September 7, 2009

My Little Surfer Girl

Well, since the end of summer is official, I decided I need to post a few pictures of sweet Annie Banani in her swimsuit (that she really just modeled; I'm looking forward to next summer when I know we'll actually be going swimming).

Swimsuit #1

Isn't it amazing how her swimsuit, paci, and Boppy slipcover all match? She is such a OCD little fashionistia, actually!

Swimsuit #2
Pretty in Pink

Such a little priss pot....crossing her legs like the dainty lady she is!

"I LOVE fashion shows, Mommy!"

Just Ducky :o)

I have some great pictures of her in her fall attire from our recent fashion shows, as well. Can't wait to post those, too!

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HeatherOz said...

super darling fashionista!!