Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, What a Beatiful Morning. Oh, What a Beautiful.....Week

So, I'm a little late on my weekly recap. Yesterday was a bit of a fog, since I was um, a little sleepy. Anyway, last week was a fun week.

Last week was a good mix of busy/relaxed. First of all, I have to tell you how wonderful eight hours days are....we have LOVED having Daddy home with us.

Anyway, this week just seemed to fly by (I know I say that most every of these days I'm going to throw you for a loop and tell you that it dragged). On Monday Ann Peyton and I went to lunch with Ashley and Carrie and their much fun!

Tuesday was PACKED....we had a bunch of fun (surprise) visits to our house. Virginia, Peyton's sweet-as-sugar friend from pharmacy school came over, with petit fours and an Ole Miss bib for Annie. She seriously never comes over without bringing 1) food for us and 2) a present for Ann Peyton. Then Logan and my mom stopped by for a visit. I have to say that I'm glad it was these friends that decided to pop by last minute, because they are SO not full of pretensions and could not care less if my house was a little disastrous. I also got a text from Haley that read:
I hope Ann Peyton likes her boys younger
and got super excited planning play dates for Annie and baby Harkins as well as, you know, their wedding. Surprisingly, I also got a ton done around the house, as well. I cooked supper, did some laundry, made a trip to the attic to get down the high chair base and send up some 0-3 mo clothes (sniff), and straightened and organized my laundry room.

On Wednesday, we had a day full of errands! Peyton and I have always loved running errands together and now we really enjoy doing them as a family, so we hit the road and got a lot done on Wednesday. We took my car to the shop (I kinda ran over a curb) and went by Peyton's parents' house, Lowes, Babies R Us, and Target. We also stopped by Jodi Badon--this really fun gift shop in Ridgeland. We had a gift card and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I got some cute stuff for Annie for when she's a little older.

I love the paper dolls and memory game; they are so cute (and Peyton loves that they represent the multi-ethnic world in which we live, which, I agree, is a very important thing to teach her about). Do know that she will also have some much more traditional paper dolls in muted colors and vintage clothes, in addition to these.

My favorite thing, however, is this Peter Rabbit block puzzle. I love all things Peter Rabbit and it's six puzzles in one, so I HAD to get it.

I think toys like these are so much harder to find now than when I was a little girl. Like, you can't just go to Target and pick out some paper dolls. It's mostly just big hunks of plastic. Seriously, I like some of the big plastic things if they are cute and developmentally appropriate, but I wish that wasn't all there was. So, I was super excited to find these!

I have a confession about something else I got for Annie....I got her bedding that she probably won't use for at least three years. I love her nursery and how pretty and "sweet" it is, but I couldn't resist getting these (maybe my love for "love birds" is out of control) and packing this and packing it away for later.

I was looking for it on the online ( and noticed somebody said they used bird houses as decorations in her little girl's cute is that? I think I'm going to steal that idea!

Thursday was Logan's big birthday bash at Julep. I had so much fun catching up with all my old friends, celebrating Logan's birthday, and eating strawberry pecan salad and tomato basil soup, knowing that Annie was in capable hands with her Daddy.

The weekend was pretty laid back. Friday we went to Mickey and Minnie's for Beans and Rice and that was it. Saturday night was fun because Peyton got home early enough to go for a stroll, cook us B4D (breakfast for dinner), AND enjoy some dvr'ed History Channel I said, these shorter days are so enjoyable. Then this thankful it hasn't been a trend. Yesterday we went to morning AND evening church (have I said "I love these shorter shifts"?) and hung out in the study together with our babykins.

As if this post wasn't long enough (MckMama would say it would make your retinas bleed), I feel I need to add a little commentary to the Weekly Family Picture. First of all, I wanted a retake because Annie is clearly not looking at the camera, but Peyton said no; he always wants them to be authentic. Second, I really like(d) that dress I'm bled in the wash. It's a cotton dress and I washed it on the handwash cycle.....COME ON! I think it had to do with the lining....whatever, I'm soaking it and if that doesn't work it's going to Minnie's for some serious stain removal treatment.

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Carrie said...

I've seen that bedding you got for Ann Peyton -- a friends from church got it for her girls. It's super cute! And I've totally already bought fabric for Aubrey's bedding for her "big girl" room. You're not alone! And I HATE it when colors bleed and ruin my favorite clothes :( Seems to happen to me often.