Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paint the Town

Last week my friends and I went to Easely Amused. We had an absolute blast and I'm so glad I got to have some girl time with my old friends from "the friend group" in college. We did the painting "New York, New York" and it had special significance to me.

I am going to post more about it when I get to number #15 in my series of 25 Random Things About Me. But, just to say a little bit about it, doing this painting was special to me because we are going to live in New York for a year sometime in the not so distant (next five years) future. It has always been a dream of Peyton's. We were planning on doing it before we had children, but obviously the Lord wasn't planning on that. Even though living in NYC with a child (or children) makes me anxious and leaving my family scares me to death, I am LIVING MY DREAM right now (staying home and mothering Annie) and I will not deny my husband his. I am going to find the perfect place for "New York, New York" as reminder of that commitment....even though the thought of moving so far scares me to death.

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