Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Reception and Honeymoon


Okay, I am going to try to limit the pictures and commentary, but I wish this had been two separate days....there's so much to show AND tell.

Part I: Reception

Our wedding reception was so much fun and it turned out to be really pretty, I think. My parents have a fabulous house for parties and so we decided to have it at home. At first, I really didn't want a home reception, but now I think about what I would have missed and I'm so glad I did.

I know it was a lot of work for my mom and dad, especially Momma, who is kind of an etiquette nazi and didn't want anything to go wrong (she is still, a year later, beating herself up about there being no hand towels in one of the bathrooms)! I am so thankful they did this for me.

I'm really upset I don't have any pictures of the flowers or food; my mom has hoarded them somewhere at her house and I don't have them on my computer because they were just taken with a little point and shoot. Anyway, I'll just tell you about them briefly. The house is kind of woodsy looking and on the water (a lake sort of thing) and so we didn't do really formal arrangements....lots of hydrangeas and other "natural" looking things. And my mom got some giant mushrooms for decorations on one of the tables (it wasn't tacky, I promise!). The food was AMAZING. I told our caterer I wanted it to be "southern with sophistication" and SHE DID IT! We had several torts, some BBQ pork, fruits and vegetables that were beautiful, and a few other dishes, plus desserts (we got married at 6:30 in the evening and the reception began close to 8:00). The biggest source of contention about the whole things was when my dad, who is a little old-fashioned, told us it would be rude to have a nighttime reception with a band and dinner foods and not have an open bar. However, open bar pretty much equals having to buy liability insurance, pay for lots of cabs, and squander your life savings....none of which we were really interested in doing. In the end, we ended up having beer, wine, champagne, and a signature drink (peach mojitos). I pretty much hate the taste of alcohol, so I was surprised that I even liked the peach mojitos....maybe a little too much (don't worry, I wasn't to the point of embarrassment or anything)!

Anyway, what I do have pictures of is the people, which are the most important part anyway! I told some friends recently, I don't do "cake smashing". I want to feel pretty, not like I'm on "Double Dare".


Peyton didn't really have a preference for his cake, so we got several little ones.

I can't believe I didn't say anything about my jewelry last week. I wore my grandmother's necklace that she wore in her wedding and the cross earrings were a gift from Peyton (the only other jewelry he's ever given me besides my ring....I really am okay with that). They are so special because, since they are crosses I used them to remind me to pray for him; when we were dating I prayed for him each time I put them on. Now I try to do the same thing with my wedding ring. I also wore the same signet ring and watch I wear everyday; it was important to me for some reason.


First Dance

Daddy Dance

Best Friend Dance

My bridesmaids....Logan is so classy that I hardly have a single picture of her without her beer!

I've mentioned it before, but when it first became clear to me I had found my future husband (long before we actually got engaged), I began praying because I knew I had found him, but I had no one (besides my sister) to be bridesmaids. Now, it's not that I didn't want to look like the unfortunate girl with no friends (not that that is what that means anyway), but I just knew I needed close girlfriends to walk this sweet journey with me. And God certainly provided me with them (like my roommate Logan, who I met totally by "chance").

Well, now that Peyton and I are finding ourselves in a different stage of life as parents than most of my friends from college, I have found myself praying a similar prayer, this time for "mommy friends". And again, God has been more than gracious. Although I never saw it on the horizon, Morgan and Haydn (the top picture) just welcomed their own baby girl this week and Haley (whose cheek my Mom is about to squeeze off her face) is also pregnant! I've even meet some great new friends through this very blog. It is so neat to watch God work!

Here, I'M the one looking classy, right?

Throwing the bouquet

Of course, Logan caught it. I'm pretty sure she didn't put down her beer to do so.

Going away.....Peyton missed the memo that we were supposed to dress up for this event and wore his Birks.

Part II: Honeymoon

We went to Saint Johns and Saint Thomas on our honeymoon and we defiantly took our time getting there! We spent our wedding night at the Fairview Inn and then spent one night in New Orleans before leaving. The plan was to spend our first anniversary at the Fairview in the same room.....but that isn't really compatible with a two month old that likes to be breast feed every few hours. Still, I wouldn't send her back! On Saint Thomas, we stayed at the Ritz and in Saint Johns we stayed a little bed and breakfast. It's funny because the Ritz is probably one of the (if not the) nicest places either of us will ever stay, but we both really enjoyed our time at the B&B more!

Checking in at the Ritz

The Ritz

Yum..... I look like a piggy!

Enjoying the beach

Peyton, posing like the stud he is

B&B on Saint Johns

It seriously looked like The Secret Garden

We did NFP since I don't agree with birth control pills; Peyton said if we conceived a child here we'd have to name him "Jumbie". Thank goodness Ann Peyton waited a bit!

They had great beaches.

I did this while Peyton snorkeled.

You had to walk a long way to get there, though.

Peyton made us go home on some weird trail and it started raining. Also, my Chacos (the ones that are made for hiking, but I got for style reasons) gave me blisters! It was the only "intense discussion" we had the whole trip....pretty good, right?

Some days for lunch we just weren't up for the walk into town, and we're cheap-o's, and I LOVE some Mac and Cheese!

Peyton was so glad I relaxed and wore my hair natural, even though I hate not straightening it!

Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Lime Inn

I just love dill pickles....don't worry I wasn't pregnant yet!

Patting an island cat....Ms. Orsin's long lost cousin; he looks just like my parents' cat at home, Oreo (or Ms. Orsin).

Breakfast on the porch on our last day

Thanks for stopping by....see you again next week!


Ashley said...

WE stayed at the Fairview too! :o)

Great pictures, and thank you for referencing me as one of your new friends. It's an honor :o)

Carrie said...

We stayed at the Fariview also! Great minds think alike! We didn't go back for our anniversary either, even though we planned to. LOVE all the pictures! :o)

sarah m said...

Beautiful pictures!! Your wedding looks like so much fun. And I LOVE your wedding dress! :)

HeatherOz said...

What a beautiful wedding! And super fun honeymoon! I wish I had digital pictures of my wedding and honeymoon so I could post them. But back in the olden days (1998) we didn't use digital or even get them on cd. Oh well!

Melissa Marie said...

We went to St. Croix... and we totally regret not going to St. Thomas or St. John. Looks like you guys had a great time! :)

Rona's Home Page said...

I prayed that our Heavenly Father would find me a husband too. I knew by our third date he was the one.
My husband has been in my life for 20+ years and I still feel my heart skip a beat when he walks in the door.
I pray that all you ladies have that feel for years to come.
What a beautiful reception ~ the food, cakes, and decorations.
Your honeymoon looks like you had a fantastic time!
You both look so happy!

Heidi said...

I really enjoyed reading this! You were a very beautiful bride and I LOVE your dress! Your honeymoon looks like it was really relaxing... Both Ed and I really love B&B's better than really nice hotels as well.

Anyway, I'm glad you posted this! :-)