Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Showers


Peyton and I were so blessed by the generosity of our friends and our parents' friends during our engagement. It was such a busy time (I was student teaching and trying to get the wedding together), but such a happy time. I had so much fun today looking back on it. Here are several of the events held in our honor.

Dessert and Champagne Announcement Party
This wasn't really a true shower; it was just a big party to celebrate our engagement. It was held the weekend of Valentine's day and the hosts and hostesses (a bunch of my parents' couple friends) decided it would be fun to do a sort of Valentine themed dessert party, instead of the traditional type of announcement party, which is usually held during the cocktail hour. I thought it was so unique and the flowers and desserts were beautiful! (I totally stole Ashley's idea of showing the invitation......I think they are so fun!). I especially loved the strawberry bride and groom (last picture).

Kitchen Shower
I loved this shower so much! It was given by three of my mom's close friends that are just the sweetest ladies ever. Along with the invitations they sent a recipe card so everyone brought their favorite recipe to the shower to put in the little oven recipe box, which was a present from the hostesses. I LOVE it and use the recipes from my friends all the time. The food was so pretty at this shower, too!

"Honey-Do" Shower

This yard and garden shower was given by some other couple friends of my parents' and it was so much fun, because guys got to come, too! It was held at their friends, Ann and Joe's cabin, which is out in the country. MY friends were really sweet and gave me fun things that I would like (such as the adorable bird house), but Peyton also got a lot of neat tools and garden stuff (he mainly does the outside work at our house....I wish I loved working in my yard like my momma does).

Crawfish Boil
My friends from church also wanted to give me a shower, but since I had already had two and knew my sister was planning a lingerie shower, I asked them if we could just make it a "celebration", so that the same people weren't giving us so many gifts. Ms. Darlene and Mr. Peirce, a couple at our church that we just adore, had it at their house. They had these tables that Mr. Peirce made for Crawfish Boils and it was SO MUCH FUN! I included the pictures of me with my parents because I thought it was so funny that my mom, my dad, Peyton, and I all had on similar colors....not planned. The last picture is the host and hostesses (Anna's husband, Jim, was out of town). The red-headed girl and the guy next to her in the green shirt are Morgan and Haydn, who I talk about all the time on here. They just had a baby girl who is going to be Ann Peyton's BFF.

Lingerie Shower
My sister and my best friend, Logan, gave me a Lingerie Shower. It was funny, because I'm not the most, um, sexual person, so most of my friends gave me jersey nightgowns that were super comfy, but not so sexy. Logan actually gave me a sweatshirt dress, (kind of) as a joke. I found it funny that the sexiest thing I got (a pretty silky nightgown) was from my mom and sister.
Bridesmaids' Luncheon

So, this wasn't really a shower, either. But it was beautiful. Two of my mom's friends did it and it was the day before the wedding, so it wouldn't be too stressful for anybody. The food was "lady food"......chicken salad, mint tea, lemonade pie, ect. It was so perfect!

Thanks for stopping by.....I can't wait to get some ideas from all your posts!


Anonymous said...

Red Dress = Disgusting Fat Slob

Why did no one tell me? Going in the trash PRONTO!!!

I'll think about forgiving all of you :)


HeatherOz said...

wow! So many wonderful parties!

Anonymous said...

Did all of the same people come to all of these showers?

Sarah Denley said...

The first one (not a shower) was the biggest and we invited our friends AND parents' friends. The kitchen shower was mostly my girlfriends from college. The "honey do" shower was our couple friends and Peyton's friends. And the crawfish boil was our sunday school class and people from church that we're close to. My bridesmaids and a few other girlfriends came to the lingerie shower. And obviously the bridesmaids luncheon was for the bridesmaids.

I hope you don't think it's awful we had so many. I know I was very fortunate. and I would think it would be rude to invite the same people to things, over and over especially if they were all showers. But my bridesmaids were all invited to EVERYTHING, which is why I asked that the crawfish boil not be a shower.

I guess I should have explained that more clearly in the post!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound snarky. It sounds like you had nice, small get togethers. We sometimes have two showers in my area, one for the bride's family and one for the groom's family because otherwise it's a shower with 60 women!

Carrie said...

Looks so fun! I don't think it's awful at all that you had so many! I had six showers, not counting my bridesmaids luncheon. We invited different people to every one, but I also invited my bridesmaids to all of them -- I just told them not to bring a gift! I think here in the South, everyone loves any excuse to throw a party, so we end up having lots of showers :o)