Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Very Important Day

***We're going to go ahead and say Annie created this herself (and really has difficulty with her "g's").....excuse my (lack of) artistic ability--I have been struggling with things of this nature since my elem. ed. days and I've finally made peace with it and don't feel the need to tear things up and start over sixty three times. Nothing like a baby to cure your OCD tendencies and have you succumb to posting shoddy work on your blog. Lexapro helps, too; right Jamie? Anyway, we love you, Logan!


Carrie said...

You crack me up... I do the whole tear something up and start over 63 times thing too. It's really no fun being a perfectionist! ;o) Looks like you decided to get a Bumbo? Am I right?

Jamie Ford said...

I have heard Lexapro can cure almost anything...I will let you know soon!! Annie did a GREAT job on her sign!