Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Well, mainly just Saturday was a whirlwind! Yesterday, my mom called while I was still in bed and told me I needed to get up and get myself and AP ready because my Allen and Gracie, my uncle and aunt, where coming to Jackson (they live in North Mississippi). Of course, I was super excited--Gracie hasn't seen AP since the day she was born and Allen hasn't seen her since she was two weeks old! We went over to Mickey and Minnie's (those are my parents' grandparent names, for anybody who is new) and stayed until around 4ish.

Then we rushed home to get ready for a good friend's announcement party--Candy is the daughter of one of my mom's very best friends; I've mentioned her sister, Honey, before (no, those aren't their real names, but they do go by them in most situations!). We had so much fun at the party! It was also quite a big deal because it was the first time I've left AP with anyone other than family. We left her with my best friends from college, Logan and Amanda. Cookie said that I told them all the typical mom things, "You can eat whatever is here", "here is her medicine, rattle, paci, toys, pillow, swing, crib, highchair, blanket, socks, diapers, wipes, food, bottle....", "if she gets upset change her, feed her, swing her, rock her, walk her....", ect. So yeah, I'm embracing my role as a mom! Also, when we got to the party Cookie, Peyton, and I all, at different times, told Candy "I'm so excited for you....(little bit more small talk).....we left our baby at home with someone other than family for the first time!". Think we're all a little obsessed with her?

Anyway, I was so tired last night and went to bed early (10ish) with a terrible headache. I think I was tired from the day and also just from the whole week, I really don't know why because I didn't do that much. Monday was sooo busy. Tuesday was pretty laid back. I stayed home most of the day and then Cookie babysat AP while I ran to Old Navy and Gap, the grocery store and a couple of baby places by my house (Gymboree and The Children's Place). I racked up on some super cute duds for AP. I'm going to do a post to show her latest goodies soon! On Wednesday I had lunch with Ms. Darlene to discuss Mother's Morning Out and on Thursday Cookie, AP, Logan and I all went to lunch together! And Friday, all I did was eat Beans and Rice with the family. All my activities pretty much revolve around food, right?

Today we were supposed to go to The Pointe (our church's church plant) and here two boys from the youth/college group talk about the recent mission trip. On this particular trip a tragedy occurred and a boy from the other youth group that was with them (who happened to be the youth group from Allen and Gracie's church in New Albany) drowned. They were going to talk about the incident and how it effected their faith. Well, AP had a hard night last took me forever to figure out what was wrong; finally I just feed her and that seemed to get her calm. Anyway, I didn't make it to church. I feel terrible about this for several reasons:
1. There are people whose kids cry half the night every night and they get up and go to work every day; why can't I miss ONE day of sleeping late for the Lord?
2. My parents both have a pretty strong personal faith, but they were not as consistent at taking us to church as I hope to be and anytime this happens I worry it will be a trend.
3. I really wanted to hear the boys talk (luckily, they do put it on the internet).

So I kind of beat myself up, even though I know God is not angry with me. It is always kind of a fun treat to snuggle with Babykins in our pjs and watch Galloway on the TV. They had a "blessing of the backpacks".....kind of corny, but really neat!

Later today, I'm going to see little Simeon, my nephew. We saw him the night he was born, but I'm so excited to hold him!

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