Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wouldn't You Know It?

Seriously, isn't this always the way things happen?

Not a full twenty four hours after hitting "publish" on my post last night, what do you think happened?

You probably guessed it......

Ann Peyton rolled!!!!

This is what we used to call an "Annie Roll":

(Ann Peyton approximately four days old)

guess we have an alternate definition for the term now, right??

In our education classes we talked about how "L" means a child is learning a skill and "M" means the child has mastered a skill (as opposed to A-F; some schools use this system in the lower grades). Well, Annie practically has an "M" in rolling already......every time I've put her on the floor this afternoon she rolls over BOTH WAYS until she conks out and falls asleep! I seriously couldn't believe it. Maybe, it's the influence of her super smart friend that she's been seeing a lot of lately!

A few other quick things:

-- I so cannot wait to go celebrate Logi's b-day at Julep much fun!

-- I decided not to participate in Show Us Your Life this week.....I did have a really fun baby shower given to my by some friends at church but one of the hostesses took pictures on her camera and (can you believe it?) I still haven't gotten them uploaded onto my computer. The sweet girls that I'm meeting up with tonight (my college friends) also offered to give me one, but I asked them please not to. If you remember correctly, I got pregnant about two weeks into being married and these girls had done SO MUCH for me, going to tons of parties and bringing super nice gifts to many of them, so I said please don't do anything else (they did come to the shower given by my church friends, who insisted on giving me one). It really worked out better this week, anyway, because with all the cake baking, present wrapping, roll watching, and solid feeding (twice a day now!), I really didn't have time put up a zillion pictures (as is always the case with these things). I think I will do either a "Fave Five" or "Flashback" post tomorrow, instead.

-- We have had so much fun having Daddy home some each day......I LOVE THESE EIGHT HOUR SHIFTS!!

-- I have another exciting announcement....guess what I am wearing tonight? Some lovely pre-pregnancy jeans that I was sure (maybe because my mom told me) would never fit again. That first couple of months I think I tried on this particular (favorite) pair of Seven A-Pocket jeans at least every other day. Finally, I just had to promise myself I'd only try them on once a month. Let me tell you, if you are debating breastfeeding and things like your health and your babies health don't sway you toward it; it will (literally) suck the pounds off of you (that was kind of gross and tacky to say!). Anyway, now that I've proved dear Minnie wrong about the jeans, she's all in my face about being TOO skinny......I can't win!

--The Annie Roll pictured above? No worries, she didn't sleep like this.......SIDS risk, I know. Been reading Kelly's post today about blankets and chuckling about how much it upset my sister that we wouldn't give her one!!

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Carrie said...

Way to go Ann Peyton! She needs to spend even more time with her smart friend... Haha! ;o)