Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wrong Hole

That got you reading, right? Don't worry, it's relatively tame. Here is the phone conversation Peyton had shortly before closing the pharmacy tonight:

Lady: (in super ghetto voice) "Uh, yeah, these pills that you gave me for my son.....they're really big.....I put them in his mouth.....but were they supposed to go in his rectum??"
Peyton: "Um, yes Ma'am. Those were they are to be given rectally" .


He said that they were enormous, individually wrapped, and very clearly labeled as to how they were supposed to be given.

I have a post of a bunch of funnies involving my crazy friends and family and one of some great Rite Aid stories for Peyton's last day, but this one could not wait!

Something a little deeper later tonight, I promise.


Carrie said...

Hysterical! Poor kid...

Peyton said...

But not a kid, a 60 year old man who knew I was giving him a suppository..