Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yummy to My Tummy

Wow....Ann Peyton is growing up so fast. I have to tell you about a few things she's been up to lately.

First, she tried some rice cereal and really seemed to enjoy's really fun feeding it to her and it's kind of nice to know I'm the best at it (Peyton tried and she did pretty good, but she knows her momma!). I babysat a little boy when I was in college and he WOULD NOT eat any of his baby food unless his momma was the one feeding, I don't want that, but it is fun to be on the other side of things and be the momma that the baby wants!
"Mommy, I'm so hungry!"

She didn't like having to wait; I guess she's used to a continuous flow. I couldn't get it in fast enough!

"I'm getting bored; are we almost done?"

In other news, I turned her around in her stroller. I googled it to find out when I could stop having to put the carrier in the stroller and it said it's just for convenience; they can sit directly in the stroller even as newborns. Who knew? Probably ever mom but me! Anyway, it was sort of bittersweet. I loved looking at her, but I think she is enjoying facing out and seeing the world.

Her third recent achievement is sleeping through the night......she is back to eight hours! I thought it was going to be awful trying to get her back to sleeping all night after we put her on a strict feeding schedule, since she definitely wants to eat every three hours during the day and lets me know if I'm not on time. But no, she has slept beautifully for the past three days. Now, I've just got to get Peyton to quit waking me up at odd hours (I know, TMI, right? RIGHT).

Just one more......she's working on her splits for when she tries out for cheerleading!
Her Daddy, who likes to be crude just to make me scream, told her that she better not be pulling this stunt with any boys once she gets to be a teenager and to keep those legs together.......good gosh!


Carrie said...

Sarah Denley, you crack me up! The TMI part -- hilarious! No one could ever accuse you of withholding information!

I returned the "favor" and am now following you too! Thanks for putting things in persepective with the "glass houses" comment :o)

Ann Peyton in that highchair -- oh my gosh, she's cute!! Congrats on all the milestones!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

I remember when my grandaughter Maddie practiced her splits, too. I have some pics with her legs in the air. LOL Thankfully it's just a phase...Cute post!