Friday, September 18, 2009

Babykin Boutique: Consignment Sale Collection

I've recently been buying some consignment items for Ann Peyton and I thought I'd share. Shopping at consignment stores can be so hit or miss. But that's the fun of it. I've found some of Annie's cutest things at consignment stores around the area. For example, she had a precious smocked Feltman Bros. bubble this summer that I got for less than $20. Not that everything has to be something that would retail for more than I'd care to pay, some of the things I love most are just little footies that I happened to enjoy the pattern of.

Anyway, a few weeks back I went to a big consignment sale with Ashley and Carrie. It was pretty intense; I got there about ten minutes early and a line had formed.....these mommas were hardcore. I pretty much snatched up everything I thought was remotely cute (per Ashley's advice) and then put some of it back. My mom kept Ann Peyton for me and that was a HUGE blessing; things would have been way harder with her in tow. It was so much fun to pick out stuff and then discuss with each other if it was worth the money, would fit, looked decent, ect. Well, here is what I found.

Okay, so I kind of bought fourteen things. Peyton was a little aghast at the amount of clothes and the amount of money I spent (they were really good deals). But then I reminded him of how good I do dressing Annie of a budget and he agreed. I don't know if I've talked about it before, and I think I want to do a more elaborate post on "budgeting", but they way it works is that I get a certain amount each month to buy her stuff with (clothes, books, toys, ect.). If there's is something big she "needs" (what a relative term)--like her Exersaucer--I get extra for that. And her food, diapers, ect. come from another category as well. It's mostly just clothes, accessories, and a few small items that I buy with her "allowance". Really, I know it sounds kind of rigid and constraining, but it works so good because I'm not constantly asking Peyton if I can buy every outfit but I also have a set amount that I try to stay within. Anyway, in college I was not the best with money and so I think I really impressed Peyton with my ability to stay within a budget.

I got her this little romper to wear right now, while it's still hot but we're slowly putting up summer clothes; my mom says that unless it has a "summery motif" there is nothing to summery for a baby when it's this hot......thus, she continues to wear white eylet bubbles and I kind of have a complex about it.

I got these outfits for later on this fall/winter.

I really love these. I think that dressing so seasonally can either be really cute or really tacky. I thought these were adorable, but not too Christmas-y that she could only wear them, like, the day of. Also, I think it was Carrie that suggested I get the polka dot one monogrammed. I thought that was a great idea! For one thing, I hate it when clothes look too pajamaish (I told you I'm picky)--I've vetoed numerous footies because, as much as I love them as pajamas, now that she's not a newborn, she's not leaving home in them. I think I'm going to get it monogrammed in pink so that it won't look as Christmasy and she can wear it starting earlier.

These are for next summer and next winter. What can I say? We LOVE to buy ahead and for the most part, we haven't missed many of the things we've bought. Plus, it's easier to guess now that we know her basic size--I think she'll always be on the smaller end, like me ;)

Okay, I'm a little embarrassed because this is a 3T. But, I loved it because it reminded me of something I would have worn when I was a little girl and I adore sunflowers. It has matching leggings.

The grand finale
She'll defiantly be sporting (no pun intended) this dress this weekend for her inaugural appearance in the Grove!

Actually, I lied. I have two more. My mom and I went to Wear It's At (a consignment store near my house) a few weeks ago and found these outfits for the upcoming fall and next summer

And these shoes
Minnie and I LOVE Converse, in fact Minnie has a pair pretty much just like these (she loves to wear them with dresses and funky capris--she rocks this look), so I was so excited to find AP's first pair!

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Carrie said...

Ahh, I still love all of the clothes you got! It was so much fun to shop with yall! We definitely need to do it again!