Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Busy

Well, I'm glad we had a little break last week, because this week we were back to being busy again! I really like busy weeks, but it seems like they just fly by!

Monday was Labor Day and Peyton was off. We ended up taking it easy most of the day and then visiting both of our parents, which was fun, of course!

Tuesday was my first day of Mother's Morning Out. It was fun and exhausting (we have to be there at 7:45, so I wake up at about 5:45--and I'm not much of a morning person).

On Wednesday, we went to Newks with Carrie and Aubrey for lunch. I just love our lunches and I laugh so hard at some of the things Carrie says; it kills me how we're so similar in a lot of ways!

Thursday was MMO again. I wasn't quite as tired this time and when I got home I got several things done around the house. For one thing, I soaked a bunch of toys that were given to us in Chlorox. I'm kind of surprised I felt the need to do all that. I told someone the other day that I'm really not that worried about germs, being that Peyton lets Annie suck on his hands after he gets home from work without washing them......UGH, he works at a pharmacy; you know where sick people like to congregate?

Friday, I went to a children's clothing overstock sale with my mom. We got some great stuff......can't wait to post some pics! Well, that morning before I left a teacher from Saint Andrews called me to sub. I really wanted the day to be pretty relaxed and maybe do some errands. But she seemed like she was in a bind and it was only for the later half of the day and Peyton was working a double, so I called my mom to make sure she could keep Ann Peyton and then called her back to say yes. I left Annie with Minnie after the sale and rushed down to the Lower School. Subbing was pretty fun; the kids are so cute! I packed up a bunch of stuff that morning so I could just stay at my parents after I got done at SA. Well, I didn't read any of the books I brought, or do anything else productive, but I had a great time visiting with my mom for hours. She told me that she was proud of how hard I was working and what a good momma I was. Seriously, I basked in it. She tells me I'm a good momma all the time, but it means so much to hear her say it; beacuse she is the best momma, herself! Of course, the night ended with Beans and Rice.

Saturday was SUPER busy, too. I was getting Annie dressed for Aubrey's birthday party and I realized something was wrong with the bubble I had picked out for her to wear (Minnie had had to put extra elastic in the legs and they still weren't tight enough). Well, I really wanted her to get to wear it so I called my mom--at work--to find out what to do. Like I said she is the best Momma EVER, because she just came over to my house on her lunch break and fixed it! So, then we headed to Carrie's for Aubrey's b-day party. We had a great time seeing our little one year old friend! It was also super fun to see Carrie's house and meet her husband because I've heard SO much about him! I came home and did a few things around the house and then our friends Haley and Patrick wanted to go out to eat so we met them at Julep....yum! They are some of our closest "couple friends" and are SO much fun to hang out with AND they expecting a baby of their own! When we got home (around 9:00), Ellis came over; he is so sweet with Ann Peyton; it is precious to see him interact with her.
Weekly Family Picture before dinner with Patrick and Haley....I meant to take pictures with our friends, too!

Today, Annie and I went to church and then to Target (Peyton had to be at work early). She did GREAT in church; she made it the whole time and I didn't even have to get her out of her carrier until about half way through it. And we saw my old kindergarten teacher (who I ADORE) at Target. By the time we go home, I had the worst headache and Annie was really fretful. My mom came over (is it weird I see my mom three days in a row?) and taught me how to sew on a button....embarassing I didn't already know how to, right? My headache just got worse (I think it's the weather; I HOPE it's the weather) and Annie got more fussy so we really didn't get too much done today AT ALL. I tried to tell myself it was okay, because I worked three (half) days outside the home this week; so if I didn't get any big projects tackled today it was alright.

Okay, so one more confession from the week. I've been packing up some of AP's summer stuff and things that are too small for her. Well, I put up the last "newborn" footie (do you spell it "footie" or "footy"; I've seen both). I'm glad she's done with newborns, since she's getting ready for her half birthday next month! I didn't post it at the time, because I was extremely embarassed but, I just put up the last "preemie" items about three weeks ago. To my credit, they were a beautiful linen sunday dress that was from a line that obviously ran quite large and a pair of pink shoes.....not really "typical" clothing, right? right?? I told my SIL I don't know what I'm going to do when Simeon (Annie's first cousin who is almost six weeks old) by passes her in size....and he's quickly approaching. I wonder if he'll weigh more at six weeks than she does at six months ??? Well, he's a giant and she's a munckin (***).
Peyton called me to come see her. I was like "what? she's sleeping...okay". He said "No, Sweetie, it's her first time to fall asleep in front of the TV". Haha. (Notice his foot on the right; more haha).

I had to inclue a couple more of our sweet Annie girl.

The dress she's wearing is a Feltman Bros. that belonged to me and Cookie......vintage.

*** I am only 4ft 11 in tall and in some states that legally qualifies you as a midget--you get a tax cut and a handicap sticker for your car! I think in MS it's 4'9.


HeatherOz said...

Wow! That WAS a busy week!
I am 4'11" too! My 9 year old daughter is getting very close to my height. And my SIL was teasing me the other day about kids needing to be in booster seats until they are 4'9" and that I should still be using a booster seat!

Carrie said...

I'm SO glad that yall made it to the party!! I hope you're feeling better!