Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Creative License in the Wardrobe Department

Now, that summer is almost over and I'm putting up some of Annie's summer clothes, I thought I'd share a little confession. Remember how I shared that sometimes I wear my nightgowns as dresses? Well, honestly, this summer I took a little creative license with Annie's fashion, as well.....
This looks like several other "bubbles" that she has, which are truly clothes, but this is, in fact, a SWIMSUIT! She has one other swimsuit, made by the same company as this one, that she also wore day-to-day all summer long. It has the same bubble look, just a different pattern and slightly different cut.

I decided to do a little comparison study:
The ones on the right and left are real clothes; the one in the middle is a bathing suit. Well, they look awfully similar to me!

Just thought I'd let you in on one of AP's fashion secrets!

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HeatherOz said...

They are all darling! Especially the baby!!