Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy Days

Okay, I realize that this will be my THIRD post today (dessert post still to come), but I had to write a little something about this.

I subbed all day today at Saint Andrews. Peyton kept Ann Peyton until one when he had to go in to work and then my mom kept her for a little over an hour until I got home. It was so much fun, but I thought about Ann Peyton constantly. Peyton said he could tell I missed her because I called twice!

Seriously, though, I have to brag on Peyton. He is SO good with her! One of the teachers asked me if he did this very much and she looked a little concerned. No fear, Peyton is super daddy! He's just as good at changing diapers and feeding her cereal and bottles as I am. I just can't believe it when I hear about dads that won't change a diaper and are weird about holding their babies. Or dads who can't manage to feed their kids the right stuff or get "overwhelmed" when they have to keep the kids for a couple of hours. I seriously know of one dad who literally cannot handle taking care of both his kids at once and will only keep one at a time....poor Momma! Anyway, the point is not to bash other dads--you do what works for you. But, I just have to say that I take Peyton for granted so often and I should never do that. I am beyond blessed.

I also need to mention this. I know it's stupid, but I wondered what she'd be wearing when I got home. I knew Peyton had taken her to visit his parents, but part of me still kind of thought she'd still be in her pj's at three in the afternoon (which would have been fine). I get home and she is in......a little smocked sailboat dress. It's not what I consider a "Sunday dress", but it's nicer than what she usually wears day to day. I was so proud of him for getting her dressed up; I thought it was really sweet. He even asked my mom when she got there if he should have put a petticoat on under it (he has FINALLY learned that a petticoat is just an old fashioned word for a slip; for the longest time he confused it with a pea coat--"isn't it one of those nicer casual coats you and all your friends have?"; LOL)***. Although, he did put her in her "sleep socks". Because, I'm a bit anal we have three levels of socks for AP:
1. athletic type socks that she sleeps in
2. prettier, but still not overtly frilly socks that she wears with her "play clothes"
3. "dressy" socks for church and other nicer outfits
Now, I probably would have gone with level three, maybe two, but one?? Oh, well, whatevevs. I was so proud of him!

Daddy, you done good!

*** At one very hormonal point in my pregnancy, I made Peyton go over all kinds of "style" issues such as petticoats, smocking, ect. so that in case I died in childbirth (or otherwise) Annie would be able to always looks super cute and classy and it would be a lovely legacy. Just kidding about my legacy being her baby style. Kinda. Gah, I am so shallow sometimes!

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