Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

For this week's family picture, Peyton thought it would be fun to all wear pajamas and pretend to be asleep. AP missed the memo (we actually did wake her up to take it--I know crazy--but she was just napping on the floor and went right back to sleep). We took a regular one, too.

I know, my title last week had to do with weather, too! It's just that all the rain was getting to me. I know I've said it before, but although I like a good rainy day it just kills my sinuses and gives me these awful headaches. So, I was so glad to see the sun today!

This week was another fun-packed week. On Monday, Peyton was off and we ran a ton of errands. We both had dentist appointments and then we ran by the bank and the post office. Then we stopped by Helen's Young Ages to exchange a dress. I realized AP was really overdue for a feeding (this is where I became hysterical because of her weight issues and told Peyton I was a horrible Momma. Yeah, I can be kind of a drama queen sometimes. He made me feel better with lots of sweet words; he's always so good at that). So we popped by my moms to feed Annie and visited a little and then headed by Goodwill to drop some things off and by Amy Head to get me some eye makeup (the stuff last forever and it was kind of grossing me out how long I'd had it). We came home and Peyton took Annie to his parents. He said I should take a nap because it had been such a busy weekend, but I just couldn't. So, I organized some stuff in AP's room. I'll have to post pictures soon. When they got home, I went to Dogwood and stopped by Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree to pick up some things for AP. Then, Peyton went to dinner with an old friend and Annie and I crashed.

Tuesday, we had Mother's Morning Out and I felt AWFUL when I got home. I was super worried it might be the Swine since my Daddy has it, but alas it was just a minor hormone-related inconvenience that I haven't been accustomed to for the last oh, 15 or so months (I tried to be as discrete as possible here). So, I pretty much laid around all day. That's okay, though, because when I do MMO and add in the hours I spend just feeding AP, I've worked a solid eight hour day and I feel good about myself (am I starting to look like I base my entire worth on what I accomplish in a day? because I DO struggle with that). I'm pretty sure that last bit about the eight hour day was probably insulting to working mothers; it's just how I rationalize it to myself.

On Wednesday, I felt a bit better and so I ran to Belk to get get some new gym shorts (I kinda stretched mine out with a little thing called an Annie Baby in my tummy; yeah, I avoided maternity clothes at all costs) and to the cleaners to get my Winter coats dry cleaned, even though Winter coats are kind of wishful thinking. Peyton kept AP, because I'm a baby about carrying her around and usually only run errands that involve shopping carts/drive-thrus when she is with me. Then, I picked her up and we went to lunch with Carrie and Aubrey. They happened to be going to Target and we needed to too, so we decided to add a little spice to our outing and really mix things up, so we went shopping together. Then we stopped by Kroger and got some Tilapia, which we ended up having for supper.

Thursday was MMO again as well as my super fun car adventure. Thursday evening we went to Symphony at Sunset with our friends Patrick and Haley and Jeff and Melissa. It's usually held on the grounds of The Cedars, a beautiful historic home in Jackson which has been turned into a wonderful place for events such as this and wedding receptions and the like. But the rain forced a change of venue, so it was held at Saint James Episcopal church. This church was right down the street from my house when I was younger and we used to ride our bikes (as a family) to it and I attended it some when I was in about the 5th and 6th grades so it was fun to go back and see it! We had a great time hanging out with friends and having a picnic (we picked up Hickory Pitt BBQ on the way).

On Friday I substituted at Saint Andrew's all day. The four year olds are so cute and one of them even remembered me from when I was there a few weeks ago. She hugged me and said "Welcome back, Mrs. Herrington". They are so smart and articulate for their age! We skipped Beans and Rice because of the aforementioned Swine Flu that Mickey had; it was the first time in ages that we didn't make it (maybe since AP was born!). A little aside: before my dad got sick he had to borrow my car because of the little incident he and my mom had on the way home from Oxford last weekend. When he returned it he had washed it, inside and out, and it looked brand new! Such a sweet Daddy!

Saturday was fun. The DVR got fixed and I really enjoyed seeing Granny and PopPop. We discussed Peyton's new schedule and Granny told me about when PopPop used to work on the farm all day and then go work at the Masonite factory from 3:00-11:00. She said that until Randy (Peyton's dad) started school they both waited up for him to come home and then PopPop would rock him to sleep. He worked so hard but still had time for his children. I can't imagine getting up, farming, going to work, and THEN rocking. Granny said usually he'd just have a glass of milk and a snack; she didn't fix him supper. Wow, I beat Granny in the housewife game, but I'm sure it'll be the only time! I really didn't, anyway, since she cooks HUGE lunches and since one of her meals is worth about ten of mine. Anyway, she told me that when the children got to be school aged they had to be in their rooms, lights off and sleeping, long before PopPop came home. But in the summertime, Phyllis would trick them. Phyllis was Peyton's aunt who was blind since childhood. She died of cancer before Peyton and I got married, but I am so glad I got to meet her. She was such an inspiration. PopPop told me about when she was home from the blind school in the summers and on weekends (she had to live here in Jackson to go to school--I can't imagine the courage it took for her and for Granny and PopPop to be apart from their child for weeks at a time). She would trick them because after the lights were out she'd still be reading. Haha, I love it! Anyway, I was so blessed by their visit and I'm so glad Annie has this time with her great grandparents.

Today I helped with children's church. Ann Peyton was asleep when I dropped her off in the nursery and they told me she was so happy the whole time once she woke up. I guess if she doesn't see me leave it isn't so hard for her. And it wasn't as hard for me either; that's a praise! Minnie stopped by after church with some great things she had found at TJ Maxx and I worked on soaking some of AP's clothes that she's outgrown (more on that later). Then tonight, Peyton kept AP so I could go out with a group of my college friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. I know I've already said it this week, but I am so thankful Peyton is so generous with his time off and always willing to take care of her while I do some fun things.

What a wonderful week!

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