Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter to (Five Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are five months old today. I CANNOT believe you are beginning your SIXTH month of life. I have been telling your Daddy that you are quickly becoming an "old baby". You can do so much and are so full of spunk!

This month brought some pretty exciting milestones for you, Annie. You started eating rice cereal, held your head up, and even rolled over BOTH WAYS! You love to "talk" and we could listen to you babble on and on. You are smiling so much more and have even started laughing. You are a great sleeper, but when you are up, you are AWAKE!

You started eating cereal at the first of the month and just loved it right away. This week you have started eating fruits. So far, we know you really like bananas, just like your daddy and I do. You are getting such good manners, too; you are learning to be a very neat eater. I think your favorite is still nursing, though, which is just fine with Mommy. I love it, because you are awake and happy, but so sweet and still. You just gaze up at me and I could just melt. Daddy likes to call you "PigPig" because you have become such a good eater! I got your weight checked today and you boast a healthy 11 lbs. 12 oz.!

You really enjoy "tummy time" now and love lifting your head up so high and rolling back and forth from your tummy to your back.

We have so much fun trying to get you to smile, laugh, and "talk" to us. Your daddy just loves to play with you and do "exercises". You really like to "stand" while we support your weight. I think this is a good indication that you are just about ready for your Exersaucer. I love all your sweet noises, cooing, and "purring", and squealing like a piggie. The first time you laughed I knew it was my new favorite sound. It almost cried; it was the most beautiful thing I had EVER heard.

You still love napping and resting in your swing during the day. Sometimes, you will take a nap in your crib, but it's not your favorite. We should probably start working a littler harder on that. At night, though, Daddy wears you out and you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow (I'm just kidding, Annie, you can't have pillows in your baby bed, yet, you know that!). Every night, I sing to you the same lullaby, to the tune of "Good Night, Ladies":

Good night, Annie,
Good night, Annie,

Good night, Annie,

It's time to say good night.

It is one of the few non-negotiable routines we have.

You are the sweetest and most beautiful baby. When we take you to church, you really draw a crowd. We have not brought you to the nursery a SINGLE time, because you do so well in church. You mostly sleep, but when you are awake you are usually so content you can make it an hour. We decided that, for as long as possible, you will at least start out in Big Church with us, instead of being dropped off in the nursery. We want church to be a "family together thing" as much as possible.

That's not to say you haven't gotten a little more fussy, in general. I think you just get bored more easily, now that you are so grown up. You don't like to be doing the same thing for as long. You like it when people stand up when they are holding you and walk around with you. You also love to have a story read to you and you love to go on strolls. We need to do both much more often. You are like your daddy in that you LOVE being outside. I'm hoping it stays cooler, because that makes strolling more enjoyable for Mommy.

Both sets of grandparents (and your great grandparents) are absolutely smitten with you. Both your grandmothers have joined Facebook and are addicted to seeing your pictures. Minnie continues to visit you several times a week and all four of your grandparents refer to you as their baby. Your aunts and uncles are pretty taken with you, too. Last night, your ordinarily cool, James Deanish, uncle, Andrew was all about teasing you and making you giggle. Your Aunt Cookiekins hasn't seen you in almost a month and I know she misses you terribly. She will be home this weekend, though, and I know she won't beleive how big you are! Your great grandfather, PopPop, told us that he was planning on living to "see you be a beauty queen in Vicksburg".

This month, you welcomed TWO very important new friends . Your friend, Mary Milton, and your cousin, Simeon, were born exactly one and two days, respectively, after your four month birthday. It is so strange for Mommy to see how different you are now and realize that you were really as small as them (actually, smaller) just a few short months ago. You have come a long way, Girlfriend!

Another wonderful this happened this month, too. Your Daddy changed jobs, in large part so that he could spend more time each day at home with me and you. This was a big decision; work is a place Daddy spends a good part of his life. It started our for other reasons, but in the end I think a deciding factor was that he wanted to have more hours each day to spend with his baby girl. Annie, I want you to know that Daddy left a job he dearly loved, because providing security for his family and making time for us is his top priority. He is such an amazing man and a great husband. Before I feel in love with him, when we were just close friends and lifeguarding together and I would see him playing with children during his breaks, I would often think about how I hoped to marry someone like him, for no other reason than he would be a wonderful papa to some sweet little boy or girl. And NEVER has he proved me wrong. When you are older, a teenager, maybe, there will be times when you REALLY don't like him (me, too, of course), but I hope you will remember this: he made sacrifices for you, he left a place he really enjoyed. He did this for YOU, at a huge cost to himself, and??? He is so happy that he did it! YOU ARE A BLESSED LITTLE GIRL, and you are going to grow up up hearing that a lot.

While I'm on the subject, I have another very important thing to share with you. Your "uncle" Ellis was over here the other day, playing with you and talking in a squicky voice I NEVER thought I'd hear him use, and he said this to you--"You are going to grow up hearing the Gospel. Not every little child gets that. Did you know that?". He told you that, plain and simple, in the squicky voice, just like everything else he was saying to you, so casually. But it is SO IMPORTANT. In fact, it is the most important thing. You WILL grow up hearing the Gospel, not just from me and your Daddy, but from so many friends and family members that love you. I hope that you will grow up with a love for it and more importantly, for the Person whose story it tells. And I hope that you store up in your tiny heart those great big words of Uncle Ellis--not every little child gets that--and you will do your very best to change that fact, wherever you can and in as much as your ability is to do so.

Well, that's all I have for you now, Annie. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve this month. The next letter I write you, you will be half way to a year. I am at a loss for words.

Mommy (and Daddy)

One Month Old Ann Peyton

Two Month Old Ann Peyton

Three Month Old Ann Peyton
Four Month Old Ann Peyton

(now) Five Month Old Ann Peyton


Carrie said...

I CANNOT believe that sweet baby is 5 months old already!

Rhondi said...

Cute blog! Your daughter is darling.
I'm so bummed about Lauren's wordpress blog. I've gone there several times in the past 4 months, & it has a lock on it. I've tried signing up, & it still won't work. I loved reading things from her, but I'm afraid she has shut it down. So I just took her link off my blog roll. Boo.
If you find a way to get through, let me know!