Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little Twinge of Sadness

I didn't even know that yesterday was grandparent's day until after I read a couple of my favorite blogs. But when I realized the first thing I did was think of "Bump", my grandmother that I was so close to, who became part of that great cloud of witnesses, just over a year ago. I've said it before, but I really need to do a whole post about Bump and all the precious memories I have of our time together. She was seriously like a second Momma to me and I could not have ever asked for a better grandmother. I adored her and her death was extremely hard for me. I absolutely did not know how I would survive it or how my momma, who had lost her best friend the entire world would. I know it is not at all the same, but I honestly think that God finally decided to take her home because my sister and I were adults and able to discuss things with my mom that she would have previously only talked to Bump about. Anyway, if you're interested, I wrote a very special post about her here.

But, I do need to count our MANY blessings today. I still have one living grandparent and Peyton has two. Ann Peyton is blessed to have three great grandparents that are still living and I know that Bump is looking down on her from heaven watching each little milestone. I made an intentional decision to put pictures of her great grandparents in the frames in her nursery. As she gets older she will see us every day and see her grandparents very often, but I want her to grow up knowing about these wonderful people that are so special to her daddy and me.

Annie is also beyond blessed to have four amazing grandparents. Peyton's precious parents are so in love with her and my parents couldn't love her more, either. My mom told me that she knew before she was born that she would love her, but she didn't realize how much. And, I didn't realize how much, either (she can't go more than two days without seeing her)!

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Carrie said...

I didn't realize yesterday was grandparents day until seeing it on a couple of blog either. I'm super close to my grandmother too, so I can imagine how hard it would be to lose your grandmother. It is SUCH a huge blessing to have wonderful grandparents :o) I'm glad both of our babies do!