Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Momma's Morning Out

I realized that I never wrote about why I decided to do MMO in the first place. So, I wanted to post a little about it. I decided it would be good for me AND Annie for a number of reasons:

Why It's So Good For Me:

- Even though it's not really "school", I feel like this is a good use of the degree I worked hard for. I also feel like I'm gaining valuable experience for possibly teaching at a later date. I feel like I can use a lot of my knowledge of childhood development and how they learn in this position.

- I also feel like I'm gaining great experience for parenting Annie (the babies in my class are between one and two years old). The experiences I had as a nanny for an infant were so crucial in preparing me for her and I feel like this will be , too.

- I think this is a good way to meet other moms--I always love new mommy friends! One of the other teachers is around my age and has a young baby and she was also a teacher; I feel like we are already getting to be friends.

- I LOVE days spent at home, but we both need to get out. Sometimes, I'm bad about making myself get dressed and go do something and this will force us to.

- I also really struggle with being productive at home. I know the older AP gets and the more children we have the less of an issue this will be (smile). I really want to be a good steward of my time and ironically, lots of times, the days I'm away from home are the ones I get more done here. Also, I feel like if I'm doing this I'll put less pressure on myself to tackle a bunch of stuff here that doesn't have to be done right away and feel bad when I don't get to it.

- (I love this one).....I believe that I will be supporting an important ministry. Honestly, there are some ways I just can't serve right now, like I can't (or won't) take Annie to a soup kitchen or to build a habitat house; but this is something I CAN do. At least one of the families that has a child in the program does not currently have a church home and for those who do this is still a ministry. We are so blessed that both sets of grandparents live here, so getting a morning out is not really an issue for me, but it definitely is for some people. The handbook says "The purpose of Mother's Morning Out is twofold. We seek to provide a safe, caring, Christian atmosphere for children while loving them as Jesus loves little children. We also seek to provide a respite for parents from the full-time care of their children and allow the parents to accomplish some of the tasks of modern life that are easier undertaken without their children"......beautiful, huh?

- Truthfully, the little check I receive at the end of the month won't be so bad, either. Peyton agreed that it could be used exclusively for Ann Peyton/things I'd like for the house/ect. It isn't just my money to blow, but it's pretty much up to my discretion. I thought that was pretty generous of him.

- I think it will help me not be SO attached. I love that I have gotten so attached to Annie, but at some point she will have to be independent...kindergarten, cars, and college all come to mind. This is a good baby step for me. I'm right there, but I'm not in her room the whole time. I'm a worrier, so like I said this is a good transition to bigger things.

Why It's So Good for Her:
*** These are really probably going a bigger deal toward the end of the year......right now she's at the age where she really doesn't know when I leave the room and she's really not interacting with other children yet.

- I think it will be good for HER to deal with some attachment issues. My sister and I both had some separation anxiety when we started pre-school because my mom had NEVER left us like that. Not that that was a wrong decision, I'm not sure I'd want to this if I wasn't there, too. Like I said, I like to think I'm her favorite person and it does give me a good feeling that I can calm her down better than anyone, but she's not at the point of crying when I leave her, yet, so this is more of an issue for later.

- I think it will be good for her to have the social interaction with other children close to her age. Especially since she is our first, being around other children is something important to me.

- Both of these are magnified by the fact that she doesn't really go to the nursery during church. We'll use it if we have to, but we decided together that it was good for church to be a family experience. So, she's not getting these experiences on Sunday morning and they are ones I want her to have.

As you can see, I'm pretty excited about it. I LOVE being a stay at home momma and that is still what I consider my main vocation, but I think that this is truly offering us the best of the working world, as well!

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Heidi said...

"...and ironically, lots of times, the days I'm away from home are the ones I get more done here."

You are not alone in that, not alone at all. In fact, I think that having lots of free time is actually harder to deal with than a structure, even if the structure, or schedule, is kind of busy and it's hard to fit everything in. Not only have I seriously struggled with (and still presently struggle even with two older kids) wasting away my very free days instead of using ALL that time to get things done, but both of my best friends struggle with it too. Both of them are career women currently, but both of them have experienced times of unemployment or in-between school time in which they thought they would get everything that they need to/should do done because they had so much free time, but actually experienced the exact opposite. It's WAY harder to have a full day of nothing with housework to do than it is to have a full day of work with housework to do in addition to that.

Just wanted to encourage you and say WORD. You are not alone, friend.