Friday, September 25, 2009

The One Where I Ask You For Your Opinion on Some Things

Here's a few random things that I've been meaning to post about. I thought I'd just lump them all together and hit publish. How about that?

So I don't know how much I've gone into this before, but I have a footie OBSESSION, you know those things that are alternately called "footed sleepers" or "sleep n plays" or "footYs"? Yeah, instead of a foot fetish I have a "footie (footy ??) fetish". I love them and I will put AP in them as long as I can find them big enough/she will allow me to do it. They make them pretty large; in fact, I personally have one made out of a sort of fleecy material that I wear when it is extremely cold. One of my life goals for this year is to find matching footies for Peyton, AP and I for Christmas morning. If I can't find footies, it will just have to be matching pjs. I finally decided the matching was more important than the footies.....ahh, life's hard decisions. Anyway, I digress. This week I put her in a very special footie. She had one footie that I was particularly fond of from her faux-preemie days (she was full term but tiny)--it was the prettiest aqua and had a momma cow holding her baby. My mom found it at the TJ Maxx, and well you can be choosy about sizes at the TJ (I would've bought it in multiple sizes). Well, I knew (hoped) she wouldn't be in preemies for long, so I scouted the thing out on eBay and I found it in a.....wait for it....6 mo size!!! So, I bought it, washed it, and packed it away. The thing looked HUGE! Yes, she's wearing it and yes, there will be a comparison post. All that was still digression (is that a word?). I called my mom to tell her and I asked her if every age would continue to be my favorite age forever (I'm so blessed that has been the case thus far). She said yes, with us she loved every age and yes, it only gets better. She started telling me how much fun it is when they start talking to you and saying funny things. I got so excited! I certainty don't want to rush things, but I love being reminded of this when I feel like she's growing up to fast and I want to stop her!

New Game Dress
I was seriously looking into purchasing this cute red dress on eBay, but it sold! What does it say about me that I was "seriously looking into" purchasing something that is about $12 off eBay (it's really not a big buy, is it?)? I think it says that I am an amazing, frugal wife and mother! Ha! I do have to say, most months I end up using my "free spending" money on Ann Peyton. Not that I'm bragging, but Minnie told me it would be this way and I didn't believe her. It's a good thing, really, because I have way to much stuff. But, I thought this dress would be super cute for the Grove. I really don't have alot of dresses with red or blue in them and what I do have is kind of Summery and I always think it's fun to wear your school colors. The dress wasn't as dressy as I usually wear, but then again what I wore to the first game last weekend wasn't either--I'm not a cocktail dress wearer, but I do like a cute sun dress. I'm really at the point in my life where something that requires a strapless bra in the heat is just a no-go. Boy, things change with a baby! Anyway, I thought the dress would be a little more doable and it was practical because I know I"ll save it to wear to Oxford the first time, but then it will be a good day-to-day dress. I love dresses! And I'd love to hear your opinions on this one. So, if you've seen a cute red (or blue) dress around somewhere or online let me know. P.S. does anybody else love that Big Mama brought back "Fashion Friday". Several other mommy bloggers I read do their own FF posts and I think it would be super fun to do one sometime soon and discuss my own take on fall's new trends, as well as my personal style. Speaking of....

Upcoming Posts
Why do I have tons of ideas and partial posts in my drafts folder? I need to stop thinking of things! But seriously, here is what is coming up for sure in the coming week:
- Reviews (movies from oh, the past six months; books; shows)
- A post about one of my 101 goals (remember one of the goals is to blog about each goal?)
- I'm going to put up my dessert recipe for Show Us Your Life later tonight--better late than never
- and about a zillion others I want to do

The Perfect Costume for Babykins
Well, I think it's time to really buckle down in the Halloween costume hunt. I had been asking the people at Target when they'll be here for the last three weeks (I know, I'm crazy; I usually hate it when they do holidays WAY to early). The Target people looked at me like buying an itty bitty Halloween costume isn't the most exciting thing in their life right now; it's like we so can't relate. Whateves. Anyway, I want something cute, but this year especially, I don't want to pay much money for it since she a) isn't trick or treating b) isn't even walking c) isn't probably going to be wearing it very long at all. I thought of just making her be a kitty or something and putting her in a onsie and tights and making a tail and ears, BUT she has years for that kind of thing (I was a kitty at four) and you can only have a plush costume for so long . Also, Peyton said he isn't dressing up as a family until she is old enough to realize and enjoy it. I'd welcome any suggestions. And no, Peyton, the two Halloween onsies and sleeper that I bought/was given to us do not count--holiday footies/bodysuits do not a costume make. Tell me if you think this is cute, I brought it home but I'm thinking of taking it back because we've had SO many issues of people thinking she's a boy lately!

Army Wives and Other TV
The flashback episode was everything I had desired it would be. It made me want to break out the VHS copies of Homefront that I illegally have in my possession. I can't believe it's starting to wind down for the season; these next couple of episodes look pretty intense. Also, I treated myself a little a couple of weeks back and bought the Fall Preview edition TV Guide. SO many look so good! I guess I've missed most of the premieres, but I think I can catch any of them online. Our DVR has been broken and it's kind of cramping my style (I know, that's horrible I should be glad I have a DVR. And a TV. And a house.) Anyway, tell my what your faves-new or old-are (I've heard a lot of good things about Glee and Flash Foward). If I actually watch some of them, I might do a Fall TV post soon, too!

So, no that I have asked your opinion on so many varied things, I am expecting the usual two, maybe three, comments.


Jamie Ford said...

LOVE the Caterpillar!!!!!! I always wanted to be something different for Halloween...something that I thought no one else would think of (I need to post the picture of my Rodeo Clown and Ole Miss Troll Doll ideas...HA!) and I think a caterpillar is just that!! Put some tights on under it with "keds" and no one will think she is a BOY!!

Carrie said...

I think that caterpillar outfit is too cute! I don't think she'd look like a boy! They have several Halloween outfits at Gymboree that I'm thinking about for Aubrey...