Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy Week

So, I'm a little late on my "Weekly Happenings" post, again. Yeah. Moving right along, one thing that was NO fun about last week was the rain. I love rain for a day or so (even though I get a headache every time it rains) and I love cozying up indoors during a good storm. But, seriously? Last week was a bit much and I'm ready for a change. Onto the week's events.....

On Monday, Ann Peyton and I ran by Target and then up to the church. It was my turn to do the "pew pads and pencils" at church--basically just make sure the pencils are sharpened and the little papers (collection envelopes, prayer cards, scratch paper) in the pews are neat. Peyton was working, so I just took AP. She started getting fussy about half way through, so I took her out of her carrier and put a blanket down in the middle of the sanctuary. I wish I had my camera, she looked so funny just playing on the floor in the middle of the empty church. After that we dropped by my friend Morgan's house for a long overdue visit with her and her baby, Mary Milton. Monday night I cooked a new dish--a ham and grits quiche. We love B4D (breakfast for dinner) at our house!

Tuesday was pretty busy! Annie and I had Mother's Morning Out and then we went by Helen's Young Ages and Bridget's (I think I need a bigger diaper bag!). After that the three of us hung out at the house and my mom AND Peyton's mom stopped by.
The rest of the week (until Saturday) was super laid back. Wednesday was really uneventful. AP and I stayed home all day. I made and froze some baby food and watched Kate Gosselin on The View (I had dvr'd it). Thursday we had MMO and Peyton worked a double shift. It was kind of like his old schedule being at home so long without him. I'd HATE to go back to that, but it was sort of fun to have Annie ALL to myself all day long. The only thing we did on Friday was go to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.

I won't really elaborate on Saturday any more than I already did, but it was such a fun day!

We took our weekly family picture before going to Oxford--I told Peyton he has to quit talking before the picture, because Ann Peyton ALWAYS looks at him (but isn't it sweet?)

was great. Peyton was off and we went to morning and evening church. Morning church was a little hard, because we had to take AP to the nursery for the first time ever! We really like to keep her with us during the service, but she was just too loud (she wasn't even fussy; just "talking" loudly to herself). Anyway, it was sort of hard for me. I know she's in good hands, I just really like to have her near me. I'm pretty attached to her. My sister's friend, Conrad, said on Saturday in the Grove, "You don't like her to be out of your sight" (my mom had taken her walking around). I kind of denied it a little but he said "I hear it's pretty normal". Haha, that made me laugh for some reason! Anyway, Sunday after the evening service, we went over to our friends Patrick and Haley's house and got take out. I can't wait for their baby to get here!

Just a little aside: I haven't watched the Army Wives from Sunday yet and I'm so excited about it! It's a flashback episode and if you know me you know I love history and love vintage things so I can't wait to see it. I'm a BIG fan of period shows like Homefront, China Beach and The Wonder Years. But it's another one of those things; it can either be really good or really bad. Can't wait to find out!


Heidi said...

Yes! It is sooo sweet that AP looks up ather Daddy! I love those pictures! :-)

The Wonder Years!!!!! I LOVE(D) the Wonder Years.... "What would you do if I sang out of tune..." Favorite! It's good to hear I'm not the only one-- I could so curl up on the couch and watch that show for hours.

I don't have a background in education, child development or even child care. I actually had little to no interest in children before having my own and I still don't care about other peoples kids-- ie-- I don't volunteer for the nursery or anything. I do, however, have a very best friend with a degree in special ed from UT who is so smart and a bottomless pit for ideas for early childhood development. Also, I'm surrounded by amazing home school mothers/friends and steal lots of ideas from them. My interest in giving my kids the best education they can have also drives me to learn and do things. It's fun!

I hate hanging clothes because it's just way easier to throw them on the pile... When I'm not gone crazy with nesting urges, I'm actually pretty lazy and that's mainly why I hate hanging clothes. I wish it was because I had too many clothes-- but then, is there any such thing as that? ;-P

I think of you everytime I vacuum now. :-)

Catherine Sledge said...

Hey! I hate we missed y'all in the grove--I wanted to meet AP! I think I know the general area where your tent is--I'll have to look better next time though.
How did that ham and grits quiche turn out? Sounds so good!! I might have to get that recipe.