Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reading and Writing and....."No, Momma, I'm Not Ready for "Rithmetic"

sweet Annie and I this morning before our first day of "school"

Today was the first day of "school" (Mother's Morning Out) for Annie and me. If you remember, AP is going to and I am working at the Mother's Morning Out program at our church. I really think that it went well over all. There are three classes--a baby room that AP and two other babies are in, a one to two year old class (my class), and a two to three year old class. The two older classes have about eight children each and they both have two teachers.

My class went really well. We have a curriculum and everything, but really I don't think they are going to be old enough for that.....most of them don't even really talk. I think we will read a Bible story and sing each day once we get in the swing of things.

Annie did pretty good, too. She is SO good, it kind of throws me for a loop if she's fussy at all (she has about one hour of true fussiness a day); so I was a little concerned because she kind of tuned up at the very beginning and very end. I also pumped a bottle for her (I ended up being able to give it to her myself) and she was not really thrilled about it. I hope this isn't a bottle rejection trend that's starting! Anyway, I got it down her finally (she will usually gulp down a cold bottle, but I heated it up and I think she liked that better this time) and she would not burp, as hard as I tried to get her to. Well, when it was time to go she was mad as a hornet. She just spit up all over me and herself about three times and was so much better. Also, when we got home she had a massively dirty diaper, which was good since she hadn't had one in a couple of days. I know it's perfectly normal for breast feed infants (and I think starting fruit and adding iron to her vitamins were also involved), but I had to wonder if that wasn't adding to her um, unpleasant mood. I was glad because Peyton said he was going to give her a suppository tonight it she hadn't had a dirty diaper by then. When he told me that, I looked at him and I said "That's right, Sweetie, YOU are going to do that".

Anyway, overall a good day. And sorry to dominate the post mostly with intimate details of Annie's digestive system--Granny would be so offended by this "bathroom talk".

Also, I just realized I never did the post I meant to about why I wanted to do MMO in the first place......look for it soon!

Weekly family picture as promised....she's in love with her Papa

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Catherine Sledge said...

Precious!! She looks just like her mama. :)