Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show Us Your Life- School Pictures


Well, I finally taught myself how to use our scanner and it was SO easy. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner and putting all those awful "pictures of pictures" on the blog. Anyway, yesterday, I was working on backing up our pictures and finally getting Peyton to show me how to put videos from our camcorder on the computer and I decided to teach myself to scan pictures since I knew I wanted to put these up. SO EASY. I decided I'm going to have to do some Friday Flash(way)back posts really soon!

To start out with, a shot of my five year old kindergarten class. That's me standing up in the pink monogrammed (you can't tell) dress . And the precious little girl in the middle, with the glasses, is one of my best friends, Sue. Her Daddy is Ann Peyton's pediatrician.
Here are a few shots of me through the years
First grade-circa 1991. I got some gaps in my smile, huh?

Eighth Grade. I decided I wanted Meg's haircut from You've Got Mail.

Ninth Grade. Modified Meg haircut. I rocked the sleeveless sweater those years.

Eleventh grade. Transition year before uniforms--rigid dress code. I also apparently like blue eyeshadow (not sure if you can tell) and necklaces made out of embroidery thread.

Senior portrait. Gotta find one in my uniform. The "school girl" uniform had the desired effect of only decreasing sexual tension during the age of Britney. Not.

My seventh grade ID. Gotta love the middle part, right?

This is the only ID I have, because my mom punches holes in our old driver's licenses and ID's and uses them as ornaments on the Christmas tree. She even has a few of her's and my Daddys. It's super cute if you like a kitschy, vintage style tree. Not so much if you're OCD and like all your ornaments the exact size and shape (Jamie).

Finally, I thought I'd throw in a couple of junior high dance and basketball pictures (p.s. I was awful at dancing AND basketball!)


Jamie Ford said...

Love the a good laugh out of them for sure! I will have to find some of my school pics...esp the one when my mom cut my hair off in a "bowl cut" style. It's a real cutie. and I am open to the ID/DL tree long as the holes are punched in the exact same place, the string is the same color on all of them, tied at exactly the same length, and hung on the tree at exactly the same amount of space apart. HAHA!! My poor children...

Ashley said...

"Decreasing the sexual tension in the age of Britney..."


I love it! I think our schools went to uniforms the same year?


SarahMerritt said...

Great pictures! Got to love some of the old pictures from the school id's!

Bernie said...

Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Emily said...

1991 was a good year for first grade! :)

Love the Meg Ryan haircut. My hair was way too curly to do that, but I longed for "Meg" hair. ha!

Meredith said...

Love all of your school pics!

Shoshanah said...

Your 1st grade picture is so cute! I love the bows especially

Bridgette said...

These pictures are great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Claire said...

IDs on the tree? Oh, that's brilliant!