Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, I have one of those clicker things to open my car (my grandmother's old Buick) and it wasn't working. I assumed the battery in it was dead. I had also assumed that they key that cranks the car would open the doors. Well, you know what assuming does. (I was so frustrated I almost told everyone at church what assuming does). Anyway, I call Peyton, who obviously can do nothing since he's at work. I call my mom who is also at work and she tells me to call my dad and get him to pick us up. Well, that sounds like a swell idea, Minniers, except that you and Peyton just diagnosed Daddy with the Swine Flu last night and as hearty as AP's immune system seems to be, I don't think it's the best idea to trap her in a confined space, such as a vehicle, with him. I call him anyway because I figure he can just go by my house and get the other set of keys that does have the actual "door key" instead of just the "ignition key" and hand it to me and hopefully not get anybody sick.

So we discuss calling Peyton's mom. No, my mom says she'll just come. I call her back to make sure she does go by my house to get the key, instead of just picking us up, because the carrier part of the carseat is still in my car (I just can't carry it as much anymore). When she finally gets there we try the new clicker and it doesn't work, either! At least the other key unlocked the door. But, of course, the car doesn't crank. It's my own fault. I was messing with my dashboard lights this morning and I'm sure I accidentally knocked the lights from "automatic shut off" to "your lights stay on and burn up your battery". UGH!

The most stressful part of all this? Not the part where I fail to accomplish a few things before lunch. Not the part where I don't get to eat lunch until two o'clock. Not the part where I miss my afternoon nap I was planning on getting since I got like four hours of sleep last nigh (WHY do I do that to myself???). Nope, since I still plan my life largely around AP's breastfeeding schedule, that was the most stressful part. If that kind of thing is TMI for you, just stop reading here (it's not gross, but I know it's awkward to some people).

Okay, so tomorrow I am subbing the whole day at Saint Andrews. So far that has required two cooperative caregivers (one Peyton Herrington and one Minnie Perry). It also requires two full bottles. (Here is the part where I whine and complain about pumping). I'm glad I have a breast pump. I'm glad I can get it to work. I'm glad my baby doesn't reject bottles. BUT I really hate pumping. It's a pain and I just feel like it's hardly worth the effort, sometimes. I'm not real good at it. I think it has something to do with that God made babies and men (humans) made breast pumps. So, I have one bottle for tomorrow and need one more. I have it all planned out since yesterday. Since I gave her a bottle at MMO I'll be ready to pump a good bottle when I get home. This and tomorrow morning would be the only chance to pump a full bottle. Well, I don't trust myself to get it done tomorrow morning and I'm not into pumping an ounce every few hours all day today. So I really needed to feed AP at one, but I didn't want to feed her until I could pump (I nurse on one side and pump on the other--it works best for me that way). Of course, I was stressing myself out because I really don't like for her to go over and be late for a feeding due to her issues. I was so stressed when my mom finally got there! It ended up all working out (she just ate twenty minutes late), but boy was it all stressful!


Carrie said...

Girl, what is it with you and cars/driving?? Haha, sorry, I couldn't resist ;o) Really though, that does sound stressful, and I'm sorry you had a rough afternoon! I was not such a big fan of pumping either.

HeatherOz said...

Oh man! I totally understand the breastfeeding-schedule issue! My life has also revolved around that schedule for the last year! You are a champ for pumping all of her bottles!
My husband tells me ALL THE TIME what assuming does! I usually want to scratch his eyes out! hee hee!

Heidi said...

My doc with Audrey was very unsupportive of natural birth. I knew this, but was stuck with him. When I finally went into labor, I was doing beautifully, got all the way to transition and 10 cm when Audrey's heartrate dropped a bit and without trying anything else (change positions, wait a bit, ect) my Doc told me he'd let me fool around enough and now I was getting a c-sec. Within 20 minutes, Audrey was born via emergency c-sec. During the surgery, my doc chatted with the other doctor about the scubba vacation he wanted to take and then when in recovery, I had a bad reaction to a mixture of drugs they'd given me which caused me to hilucinate (sp?), he laughed it off and saidvi wouldn't make a very good drug addict. The whole experience was awful (besides getting my sweet baby girl) and I never want to live through that again. So, that's what happened.

I'm sorry you had such a bad day :-(. I'm glad your Mama was able to help out though.