Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, we went to see the doctor today.

Diagnosis: double ear infection with some sort of stomach bug on the side.

Possible Cause: I'm sure I know exactly where she got her ear infection. Whenever, I was in elementary school some of my friends were really clever and convinced me that all the cool kids had glasses and braces. Well, I'm pretty sure Aubrey convinced Ann Peyton that all the cool, big kids have ear infections (it's pretty much a running joke in our mommy circle that someone is exposing someone else to something, ha!).

Treatment: some antibiotic I've never heard of, but got filled relatively quickly because I bribed the pharmacist with Dairy Queen. Also, no vegetables until the tummy bug clears up. Tylenol and IB Profen, if needed. And strict orders to come back to the doctor's office if she isn't her "typical Ann Peyton self" by Monday (I think this was the first time she's ever cried in front of Dr. Denney).

Also, because I know you are all biting your nails over it.....I felt the need to address the temperature taking method with Dr. Denney and my favorite nurse at his clinic. Both said that rectally really is the most accurate and you probably won't do any damage if you use your brain and don't jab it up in there to far. However, under the arm is not really a bad way to do it if you can keep your child still. Also, they said you should add a degree under the arm and SUBTRACT a degree in the bottom. So, basically, it looks to me like I'm gonna have to call "draw" on the pharmacist/mommy friends vs. nurses best thermometer practices debate. I'm a gonna go with under the arm right now, just because it's a little less invasive and I hate to be invasive if I don't have to be. Or maybe I'll get Peyton to buy me one of those fancy smancy just rub it over their forheads for about one second and it beeps thermometers, but he'd probably count it as a Christmas present or something. Just kidding, Sweetie.

Show Us Your Life- Halloween Costumes


I'm a little late this week, since AP has been sick and I haven't been feeling so great myself these past couple of days. But here are some fun pictures.

In the past, I've enjoyed being a Hershey kiss one year.

I also LOVE dressing up from different time periods. Of course, those are such easy, fun costumes.
Peyton and me as a '50s couple

me with my friends Amanda and Ashley ('60s, '20s, and '80s; if you can't tell)

But of course, my cuteness could never compete with this little glow worm so I'm not even dressing up this year

A few more of AP, in Halloween attire
I can't decide if these feet are more tacky than they are cute, but Peyton has a pair of "gorilla" slippers, so I had to get these for her (they were less than $3)

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annie Banani : Fashionista {Fall Edition}

I decided that since I've posted my fall decorations, my fall favorites, and even given my blog a new fall feel; it was time for some fall fashion. Not mine, of course--although that would be an interesting post, I'm sure. No, Annie Banani: Fashionista will be modeling her fall collection this afternoon. These are just a few of my favorite pictures from a "fashion show" (I wanted to see what fit, so I made her try on a bunch of outfits in a row) we had awhile back.

Peyton says she looks like a couch here, probably because my parents have a toile sofa. Haha!

Here she is being a bit funky!

Annie in her baby sweats

Another comfy "knock around" outfit

This one has some embroidered rosebuds on it--of course not enough, Minnie took it upon herself to add more!

She loves fashion shows!

Baby Bird's Hard Day

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We got up and went strolling in the park with Carrie and baby toddler Aubrey. Then we came home, ate, played a bit, enjoyed a visit from Minnie and when Peyton got home we all went to get our hair cut (well, Peyton and I got ours cut; AP watched) and to return some things to J. Crew and Anthropologie. Then we headed to my parents for dinner.

Well, Annie had been acting a little off all day. She had three(!!!) dirty diapers before our stroll and she didn't nurse very well. She just seem unusually irritable, too. I thought the diapers were due to her body adjusting to new foods and the rest I figured could have been an effect of the flu shot she got on Tuesday. When my mom came over yesterday afternoon, she commented on her seeming a little unlike herself, but I chalked it up to her not having had a "good" nap all day. Well, after our haircut and errands, when we got to my parents' house, she seemed very weird and was burning up. When we took her temp it was 102 exactly (103, if you add a degree--which Peyton says to do for under the arm). Sidenote: good thing my parents didn't do any permanent damage to me; taking babies' temperatures rectally can perforate their intestines-whoa.

So, of course I called Ms. Darlene and told her we would not be coming to "school" today (can't come if you've had fever within 24 hours). We gave her Tylenol and IB Profen interchangeably every two hours and she seems a lot better today.

Seriously, I feel pretty terrible, though. Just when I was getting over not buckling her in on Monday and now this--I didn't know my own child was sick all day! Really, though, she did tolerate it extremely well and wasn't acting that weird until last night. So, I'm sure it was 103 all day. I'll know what to look for next time, at least!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Fall on the Blog and a Request for Input

I decided since I finally my house for fall, I should decorate my blog, too. So, I found this new fall looking background. Sidenote: I have decided that I would LOVE to learn to create backgrounds for my blog; I think it would be so much fun.

Moving is my question. I have the longest, most ridiculous address for my blog. Sometimes, Peyton or I will mention the blog and people will say "Oh what is the address?". And when I tell them they're like "oh, I needed a pen for that".

Well, awhile back I talked with a friend about changing it. The problem? I don't know what to change it to. Here's what I don't want:
- anything with "the Herringtons"; people always spell it with an 'a'
- anything with "Sarah Denley"; just too hard to remember how to spell that
- anything with Ann Peyton; she won't be the only one forever
- and anything with "in the warm hold of your loving mind" is just SO hard to remember

SO, I decided to poll the (16 person) audience. Any ideas for a new (easier) address?

P.S. I need to do a post about how I named my blog in the first place.


Just the day's emotions in a nutshell.

I kinda thought I was going to have to call Peyton get him to go steal me some Xanax from the pharmacy this morning.

Last night, we did a bunch of errands and then headed to Peyton's parents house. The errands were either "drive through" type things (i.e. the Walgreens) or places where one of us (me) just ran in while the other circled, so we wouldn't have to unload AP (laziness admitted, friends). Anyway, we pull up in Peyton's parents driveway and she is sleeping and Peyton goes to get her out. "Oh gosh, Sweetie, come look." Yeah, no part of the five point harness was buckled. Peyton and I had both assumed the other one did it. I kind of gasped, but I really didn't freak out (surprisingly). I've read/heard that most parents do this at least once. It sucks, but nothing happened. Well, when we got home and I started to settle down from our whirlwind day, the possibilities started running through my mind. Here's where I need to flash back a little.....

My senior year of high school included one of the hardest months of my life. It was definitely the first experience I had with grief and one of the two most poignant experiences with it that I've ever had. I had two really hard situations that happened within two weeks of one another. Both involved car accidents. Both involved young people. And both involved death.

This particular year I had volunteered to help teach the two year old Sunday School class. I felt like I had outgrown youth Sunday School, but was insecure about joining the young adults class. I loved helping with the two year olds and I have so many precious memories. And so many painful ones. One of the two year olds in my class was a darling little boy. He didn't come every Sunday, but he was adorable and was a little spit fire. His momma was so pretty and so sweet. She was pregnant and in the middle of a messy divorce. I wish I had gotten a chance to know him better.

One afternoon after school, I was at TumbleCheer, a gym in Brandon with our then youth minister, Steve. I was having a stunting lesson--the only part of cheerleading I really loved. About halfway through the lesson, his wife called him. She told him that the little boy and his mother had been in a car accident. The momma was in the hospital. That's all anybody knew. He left immediately. The funeral for her son was the same week. He had crawled out of his car seat and she was almost home when the accident occurred. The day of the funeral was horrible. Seeing the baby casket and his beautiful pregnant mother by herself, save her older daughter, was heartbreaking. Finding out that her soon to be ex husband was filing charges against her for the accident was even more so. The whole thing made me sick. I didn't go to the lunch they had afterward at the church. I couldn't. I went home with the lady who I helped teach the two year olds with (she saw I was distraught and pretty much dragged me to her house) to cook for the family.

I still think of the little boy often. Last night, especially. He would be in fourth grade this year. He would have three younger siblings. He would be getting confirmed soon and entering the "tweens" ministry.

I do NOT blame this sweet mother one bit. But thinking about loosing Annie to something preventable was more than I could take. I mean if she became ill and died I would be so hurt and it would all but kill me. But if it was something that I could have prevented. How could I live? I. Could. Not.

And I just had this sick feeling all night last night. Honestly, I'm not the most confident person in the world. And sometimes I really do think that since this whole "being a parent" thing was not part of my master plan (though, I confidently acknowledge it was part of the master plan), there are times I feel so ill-equipped for it. And it makes me even more insecure.

Well, this morning when I got to the church someone told me that the mother of the little boy I had been thinking about had given birth during the night (I think the baby was due in November). And the baby had a critical heart condition. They operated on him at UMC this morning, at less than 24 hours old(***). I have been holding back tears all morning.

Tears of sympathy for a mother whose endured so much.

Tears of rediscovered grief for a little would be fourth grader.

Tears of fear for a sweet one day old.

Tears of anger for a fallen world, full of sinners of every age.

Tears of humility for the protection and grace lavished on a young family in too big of a hurry last night.

And tears of thankfulness for a safe, healthy almost seven month old.

***Please be in prayer for this family today.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #32 (October 19-October 25)**

** I just ran out of creative titles. I hope I can come up with some catchy, every week title for these posts by next week, but who knows.

Also, fair warning: this post is insanely long. If you still read these Weekly Happenings posts, my apologies.

au naturel
Peyton decided we should include Teddy Gram (his bear from when he was just a little older than AP) in the photo shoot.

This past week was busy but super fun! We had so much fun stuff going on. On Monday Peyton was off so we did a bunch of errands (Goodwill and Salvation Army to drop off stuff, the bank to activate a new debit card, and by Peyton's sister's house to drop something off). We also took Annie to the Fair for the first time, which was so much fun!
Annie and Mommy in front of the Ferris Wheel

Annie and Dady in front of the Ferris Wheel

Annie modeling on the hood of the Buick
Aside: Peyton called her a Hippie Baby all day. I just love this outfit (I'm SO obsessed with little love birds and this green is one of my favorite colors).

I love her bunny booties, too!

After that, AP and I went to dinner at Newks with my friends Amanda and Logan, while Peyton visited his brother Andrew's new house. We had a great time, but I'm so mad I forgot pictures! Then on our way home we stopped by Dogwood to search for some fleece sleepers for AP (Peyton keeps our house so cold, but he said he didn't want her to burn any of her calories trying to keep warm--good thinking Dad; she needs every last one). I was surprised that they were $17.00(!!) at Old Navy; I usually find great deals there. But they did have some reasonable prices at The Children's Place. I'm so picky about these things! Peyton said don't worry if they weren't cute just find some cheap ones; we'd be the only ones seeing her. But I like her to be dressed cute ALL the time, haha!

Tuesday was Mother's Morning Out. Half of my class was out, so we went home early and did some errands. They combined all the children and it just would not have been good for AP to be in there with the "big kids"; I think I would have been holding her the whole time! So we went by Lowes, Babies R Us, and Old Navy again (haha). Then we had lunch with my friend Morgan and her little girl, Mary Milton. Morgan is so southern and loves things like double names and proper etiquette. She is just one of the most gracious, "lady like" women I know. I just adore her. And I forgot the pictures again.

Then, I had a little disaster. I had locked my house keys in the car and so when Peyton locked the door on his way to work for the afternoon we got locked in. No big deal; I didn't have any place to go and my mom was coming by after she got off work to help me weed through some clothes in my closet to get rid of. But then my charger to my phone quit working (after my phone died) and so I got so scared being locked in with no phone (I know,stupid, but my mind raced with the possibilities). Later, Peyton told me if the house did catch on fire we could escape through a window. Well, of course! So when my mom got here to help, I was SO relieved. We went by my parents house so I could charge my phone. Then I cooked spaghetti for supper. We tried a new sauce which Peyton loved but I hated.

Wednesday I went shopping with my mom. We went to Lemon Meringue, a baby "boutique", but I didn't really find anything special. We also went to Anthropolgie and a cute shop in Ridgeland called Space Savers. I found a book that I just HAVE to order for AP for Christmas--I loved "The Little Prince" and the PopUp is so cool (I've always loved pop-up books). After that I went to Walmart to get groceries and a charger for my phone; of course they didn't have one. I went by Lowes (again!) and then home to meet a guy who put in our new front door. I'm so excited because our old one had a huge glass pane and I didn't feel safe going to the door when Peyton wasn't here (again, it's stupid). I cooked a pot roast and Peyton brought home a charger, but it was the wrong kind (UGH!).

On Thursday we had MMO and then back to Walmart for the right charger. I was so glad when I FINALLY got it. Also, AP learned a new trick.

Friday I stayed home all day and really worked on the closets some more (last year I did it for several hours straight and got it done so quick; but it's different with a little person around now!). Annie and I slept at my parents house after Beans and Rice because we were going with them to the Ole Miss game and Peyton couldn't go. Since we had to get up at 4:30 to get both of us dressed and fed and ready it made sense to just stay with them!

On Saturday we had a fun time, but it was probably the most stressful trip so far. We took two cars so that I could come home for a work party that Peyton wanted to go to. It worked out because my dad wanted to come home early, too and my mom wanted to stay and spend the night with her brother and his wife and then spend Sunday with Cookie. My mom was in charge of the food for the tent, even though it wasn't her turn and she hadn't planned it and so she was just a big ball of nervous the whole time. AP was hysterical almost the entire trip back (and my dad drives so slow). She has spoiled me by being such a good traveler and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. I figured it out when we got home, though. Not to be too graphic, but there was a BIG surprise for me in her diaper. No wonder she was fussy!

Cookie, Me, and Annie

Hair sans ponytail for the first time in ages

Annie wanted Minnie's Diet Coke (and Cookie's beer, ha!)

She got this instead. Don't you love that my parents are twinkies?

On the way home....this only lasted a short while. Dad played her a sweet lullaby from his CD collection, "Angel of the Morning". Mick has always did have a knack for picking out beautiful songs that are actually inappropriate and/or sexual.

When we got home we hurried and got ready for the party really fast. We didn't wear costumes (we did wear orange); Peyton wanted to be Charlie Brown and me be the Giant Pumpkin (I told him those would've been great costumes last year). But we did have a precious Glow Worm with us!
me and the little glow worm

family picture

On Sunday, I got up and got ready for church and got AP ready. We had planned to go to the early service so Peyton could go with us, but I set my alarm wrong. Well, the two of us were all ready to go and I discovered that he hadn't strapped the car seat base back in my car (I got him to show me how; redic that I didn't know). So we stayed home and watched Galloway from the couch.
AP was ready for church

couch potato!

Her outfit is like a baby sweat suit (Dad calls them "warm up suits") haha!

It was good to have a full day at home. I got a ton of laundry done and my house looks somewhat clean and straight. It was a nice break after such a busy week. I had been putting AP in disposable diapers and giving her commercial baby food--horrors. I also caught up on some dvr'd shows. I really love The Good Wife, but I can't stop thinking of Mr. Big (from SATC) every time I see the husband, haha! I also listened to an AMAZING sermon on podcast with Peyton and we had some great Poppyseed Chicken for dinner.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


If you just read my last post in a reader, obviously the end made no sense (because I used a "less than" symbol and it read it as HTML language). I fixed it on the blog, but I don't know how to edit it so it will show up in Google Reader (I'm not a tech savvy as I thought I was becoming--haha!). Does anyone know how? I think it can be done. I'm not sure if any of y'all even use a Reader! Embarrassing.

On Memory Making

Well, my earlier post about fair memories got me thinking about memories and this is a post I have been meaning to write for weeks. It's just a short little thing, but to me it's super important.

A few weeks back I was reading a post by one of my sweet blog friends, Heidi. I wish I could link to the whole post, because it was really inspirational to me (and Heidi's got a way fun blog), but unfortunately Heidi's blog is private. So, I decided I'd just quote a few of her words (I asked her first, of course!):
I'm not saying that we can be everything to our children, we are human and that is that, but we certainly can be the person and source of highest interest and discovery to our children, thus building very strong bonds, or ties, of love and relationship between ourselves and our children, "tying heart strings", that will hold and get stronger as our kids grow into adulthood. The foundation for a good adult-parent relationship is laid in childhood folks, it's a fact!
And then she goes on to talk about sweet times with her children, feeding carrots to horses and making tents in their living room.

The post just made me realize that I will need to be intentional about creating memories with AP (and her brothers or sisters, when they come). I made a list in my head of fun things (need to write that down) and thought of all the special memories I had from growing up. But I kind of chalked it up to a thing for "later".

Shortly after that I read something my precious friend, Ashley, tweeted. It was about watching the rain with her baby and how she would never forget that memory she had just made.

I haven't even told her this yet, but I was so convicted by those "less than 140 characters". It seems like most of the memories that I have so far or either of a big event (a trip or a holiday) or they are something totally unexpected (like her first laugh). I want to be better about creating spontaneous little memories for myself. I want to make sure that I enjoy her so much and that I slow down and take time to just enjoy life with her (this is always such a struggle for me). Of course, I do have some great, sweet little memories like the beautiful summer morning we spent outside and "camping out" all night long in front of a fire. But, I'd love more. And the only way to have them is to make them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fair Feelings

When we were at the fair on Monday, I started thinking about how the fair is just so full of nostalgia to me. Even though it's creepy in ways, it's also such a neat place that conjures up so many memories that get me feeling like I'm reading a "Wonder Years" transcript. Well, I decided to do a big "Friday Flashback" post (I think memories can be a flashback, too, not just pictures).

First Fair Memories (Circa 1992-1997)
My dad resisted the fair as long as he possibly could. He detests it. He tries not to be a snob, but he really doesn't like to be around "dirty" people (I mean physically dirty, of course). He refers to people at events like the fair as "the masses of humanity". And, truth be told, the fair does bring out all sorts of people. But, finally, he had to throw in the towel--we begged so hard. I remember it being an enjoyable experience, minus the nausea from some spinning strawberries. I won a little stuffed bat (random, right?) which I named "Batty", because I was a super creative child. These first few years I really didn't enjoy any rides. The pirate ship made me ill and most everything else was deemed to "scary". Also, my dad has the utmost confidence in the Imagineers at Disney World (he's an engineer himself), but not so much in the carnies that put together fair rides. So we mostly just ate and played games that involved little plastic ducks. I was, however, a fan of the huge yellow slide that you rode burlap sacks down (and it has always been a dream to go ride it at a time when the fair wasn't in town--it stays up year round). Another favorite were the little "funny houses". I did them each about four times a visit. I loved spinning and rolling and sliding almost as much as I loved channeling Olivia Newton John from Greece. I'm pretty sure Cookie and I actually sang "You're the One That I Want" a couple of times--but then we were always the kids who loved reenacting scenes from musicals during everyday experiences.

Junior High Fair Memories (Circa 1998-2000)
I remember one paticular year when I went to the fair with my then boyfriend, Ryan, who I was convinced was the one (I thought that with probably no less than ten boys before I married Peyton). My best friend, Ellis, was also along for the ride. As was a friend a girlfriend of mine who I was sure was Ellis' soul mate. I guess I forgot to take into account the fact that she was really goofy and loud (but fun) and he was very introverted and self reflective. He still brings it up to me about twice a year. I had the most magical time with Ryan, however. We held hands and shared food and rode the Ferris Wheel and made wonderful memories. I'm pretty sure we also engaged in lots of gross PDA--since we were called to the principal numerous times for this. Uh, hormones. Anyway, it was lovely.
Ryan, Me, Ellis

High School Fair Memories (Circa 2001-2003) During these years, I remember several youth group trips to the fair. This was also around the time I decided the ride-eat-ride cycle was a good one and I would ride some rides, eat a pronto puff, ride an upside down ride, eat a chicken-on-a-stick and a strawberry drink, ride some spinning rides, eat a funnel cake, ride an upside down spinning ride, eat some popcorn and cotton candy and reride all the rides. And never throwup. I'm impressed with myself even now.

Recent Fair Memories (Circa 2005-2008)
In college, I became a little less adventurous. I would wait until AFTER the rides to eat. Most of my friends didn't really like the super scary rides, so we mostly walked around and ate when I went with them. I do recall one year when I drug Peyton to the Fair and our friend, Rob, tagged along. Rob was a marine and is very much of a tough guy. So it was super funny when he and Peyton both FREAKED OUT on an upside down ride. The best part was when they both kept yelling obscenities, while a probably eight year old laughed at them. Not. I was mortified. Last year, I can't believe I'm saying this, I passed on the fair. It was just more than my first trimester self could handle.
marine friend, Rob, holding an Annie Baby

Current Fair Memories (2009)
We took AP to the fair this year and she had a blast! We walked around and enjoyed 1 chicken on a stick, 1 order of fried onions, 1 funnel cake, and 1 coke (between the two of us). It was definitely the least amount of food I've ever eaten at the fair. And it was the least amount of rides (0). And it was the shortest visit (45 minutes, maybe). And it was the best memory I've ever made at the fair.

I love you, Punkin!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

subtitle: a tribute to my dear, sweet friend who I made fun of for telling me to "work with" Ann Peyton on her sitting skillz (yeah, I channeled my 8th grade self with that last word)**

So here's what happened--we'd balance her and she'd sit for a little bit. Exciting, huh?

She started out doing it for about 10 seconds (way longer than ever before)

and now she's up to about 30-45 seconds!

I'm sure I sound weird being so crazy excited, but I had pretty much resigned myself to saying "I think cause she's just so little, she'll be doing it a little late" when people asked me if she was sitting all the time.

** background: I was expressing my heartfelt worry that AP was not sitting up yet to Carrie and she asked me if I had been "working with her" any. I teased her mercilessly, because it sounded like she was talking about tying shoes or learning multiplication tables. I thought she'd just sit up. But of course the first thing I did when I got home that afternoon was "worked with her". And we had quiet a time--I do love finding new ways of interacting with her. And of course, it worked.

Show Us Your Life- Fall Decorations


My fall decorations are really pretty minimal. I got most of them several years ago when Peyton and I were still dating and we were having a Halloween party at our (then his) house. My style has definitely changed a bit since then, haha! I just went ahead and got most of it out, anyway, though. Last year (the first year I lived here) I was more concerned with actually decorating the house period (window treatments, slipcovers, bed spreads) and planned to buy some fall things when they went on sale. But when I went shopping, they already had the Christmas stuff out and of course it was way cuter than the Fall "sale" stuff and Christmas stuff is a weakness anyway. Yeah, I'm a marketeer's dream.

Here are the decorations in our den:

I still like this, but it needs some adding to for it to feel complete.

Uh, I guess this will be fun for Annie? What made me think this was an acceptable decoration in any house. Sigh.

weird little caldron--I think we ussually put something in it

I think these little pumpkins on our mantle are pretty cute.

He's cheesy, but I do love him.

I need some candles for the tree.

Here's the decorations in the kitchen:

pumpkin dish towel

This I still like.

This I'm not so sure about!

This is one of my favorite things. I truly love changing up what's in our candy jar; it's a simple pleasure!

And in the bathroom:
It's Darth (our real kitty, who is black).

Which reminds me, we need to start keeping her inside for the next couple of weeks. We always keep her in around Halloween so that no one will steal her and do unmentionable things to her as a prank.

So, as I said, sparse. I'd welcome any suggestions and can't wait to browse through the posts for ideas (I still need to go through last weeks)--so much fun!