Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Bird's Hard Day

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We got up and went strolling in the park with Carrie and baby toddler Aubrey. Then we came home, ate, played a bit, enjoyed a visit from Minnie and when Peyton got home we all went to get our hair cut (well, Peyton and I got ours cut; AP watched) and to return some things to J. Crew and Anthropologie. Then we headed to my parents for dinner.

Well, Annie had been acting a little off all day. She had three(!!!) dirty diapers before our stroll and she didn't nurse very well. She just seem unusually irritable, too. I thought the diapers were due to her body adjusting to new foods and the rest I figured could have been an effect of the flu shot she got on Tuesday. When my mom came over yesterday afternoon, she commented on her seeming a little unlike herself, but I chalked it up to her not having had a "good" nap all day. Well, after our haircut and errands, when we got to my parents' house, she seemed very weird and was burning up. When we took her temp it was 102 exactly (103, if you add a degree--which Peyton says to do for under the arm). Sidenote: good thing my parents didn't do any permanent damage to me; taking babies' temperatures rectally can perforate their intestines-whoa.

So, of course I called Ms. Darlene and told her we would not be coming to "school" today (can't come if you've had fever within 24 hours). We gave her Tylenol and IB Profen interchangeably every two hours and she seems a lot better today.

Seriously, I feel pretty terrible, though. Just when I was getting over not buckling her in on Monday and now this--I didn't know my own child was sick all day! Really, though, she did tolerate it extremely well and wasn't acting that weird until last night. So, I'm sure it was 103 all day. I'll know what to look for next time, at least!

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Carrie said...

Sorry she's sick! Who told you that about checking their temp rectally?? That's how we ALWAYS do Aubrey's. We were told that was the only way to get an accurate reading. She would never sit still for us to do it under her arm. Isn't it funny how everyone tells you different things??