Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, we went to see the doctor today.

Diagnosis: double ear infection with some sort of stomach bug on the side.

Possible Cause: I'm sure I know exactly where she got her ear infection. Whenever, I was in elementary school some of my friends were really clever and convinced me that all the cool kids had glasses and braces. Well, I'm pretty sure Aubrey convinced Ann Peyton that all the cool, big kids have ear infections (it's pretty much a running joke in our mommy circle that someone is exposing someone else to something, ha!).

Treatment: some antibiotic I've never heard of, but got filled relatively quickly because I bribed the pharmacist with Dairy Queen. Also, no vegetables until the tummy bug clears up. Tylenol and IB Profen, if needed. And strict orders to come back to the doctor's office if she isn't her "typical Ann Peyton self" by Monday (I think this was the first time she's ever cried in front of Dr. Denney).

Also, because I know you are all biting your nails over it.....I felt the need to address the temperature taking method with Dr. Denney and my favorite nurse at his clinic. Both said that rectally really is the most accurate and you probably won't do any damage if you use your brain and don't jab it up in there to far. However, under the arm is not really a bad way to do it if you can keep your child still. Also, they said you should add a degree under the arm and SUBTRACT a degree in the bottom. So, basically, it looks to me like I'm gonna have to call "draw" on the pharmacist/mommy friends vs. nurses best thermometer practices debate. I'm a gonna go with under the arm right now, just because it's a little less invasive and I hate to be invasive if I don't have to be. Or maybe I'll get Peyton to buy me one of those fancy smancy just rub it over their forheads for about one second and it beeps thermometers, but he'd probably count it as a Christmas present or something. Just kidding, Sweetie.


Ashley said...

I've always taken Evy's temp rectally. She won't hold still for under the arm and it seems to go quicker! I've never heard of it being dangerous...??

Carrie said...

I'm glad that your pediatrician agreed that rectally is fine. That's definitely the way we're going to keep doing it -- I can just see us trying to hold Aubrey still while we take it under her arm... ha! NOT! If Ann Peyton sits still though, that's great!

And as for you blaming my child for getting yours sick... as you have pointed out to me time and time again, ear infections are not contagious! Besides, we haven't had an ear infection in WEEKS ;o)