Friday, October 23, 2009

Fair Feelings

When we were at the fair on Monday, I started thinking about how the fair is just so full of nostalgia to me. Even though it's creepy in ways, it's also such a neat place that conjures up so many memories that get me feeling like I'm reading a "Wonder Years" transcript. Well, I decided to do a big "Friday Flashback" post (I think memories can be a flashback, too, not just pictures).

First Fair Memories (Circa 1992-1997)
My dad resisted the fair as long as he possibly could. He detests it. He tries not to be a snob, but he really doesn't like to be around "dirty" people (I mean physically dirty, of course). He refers to people at events like the fair as "the masses of humanity". And, truth be told, the fair does bring out all sorts of people. But, finally, he had to throw in the towel--we begged so hard. I remember it being an enjoyable experience, minus the nausea from some spinning strawberries. I won a little stuffed bat (random, right?) which I named "Batty", because I was a super creative child. These first few years I really didn't enjoy any rides. The pirate ship made me ill and most everything else was deemed to "scary". Also, my dad has the utmost confidence in the Imagineers at Disney World (he's an engineer himself), but not so much in the carnies that put together fair rides. So we mostly just ate and played games that involved little plastic ducks. I was, however, a fan of the huge yellow slide that you rode burlap sacks down (and it has always been a dream to go ride it at a time when the fair wasn't in town--it stays up year round). Another favorite were the little "funny houses". I did them each about four times a visit. I loved spinning and rolling and sliding almost as much as I loved channeling Olivia Newton John from Greece. I'm pretty sure Cookie and I actually sang "You're the One That I Want" a couple of times--but then we were always the kids who loved reenacting scenes from musicals during everyday experiences.

Junior High Fair Memories (Circa 1998-2000)
I remember one paticular year when I went to the fair with my then boyfriend, Ryan, who I was convinced was the one (I thought that with probably no less than ten boys before I married Peyton). My best friend, Ellis, was also along for the ride. As was a friend a girlfriend of mine who I was sure was Ellis' soul mate. I guess I forgot to take into account the fact that she was really goofy and loud (but fun) and he was very introverted and self reflective. He still brings it up to me about twice a year. I had the most magical time with Ryan, however. We held hands and shared food and rode the Ferris Wheel and made wonderful memories. I'm pretty sure we also engaged in lots of gross PDA--since we were called to the principal numerous times for this. Uh, hormones. Anyway, it was lovely.
Ryan, Me, Ellis

High School Fair Memories (Circa 2001-2003) During these years, I remember several youth group trips to the fair. This was also around the time I decided the ride-eat-ride cycle was a good one and I would ride some rides, eat a pronto puff, ride an upside down ride, eat a chicken-on-a-stick and a strawberry drink, ride some spinning rides, eat a funnel cake, ride an upside down spinning ride, eat some popcorn and cotton candy and reride all the rides. And never throwup. I'm impressed with myself even now.

Recent Fair Memories (Circa 2005-2008)
In college, I became a little less adventurous. I would wait until AFTER the rides to eat. Most of my friends didn't really like the super scary rides, so we mostly walked around and ate when I went with them. I do recall one year when I drug Peyton to the Fair and our friend, Rob, tagged along. Rob was a marine and is very much of a tough guy. So it was super funny when he and Peyton both FREAKED OUT on an upside down ride. The best part was when they both kept yelling obscenities, while a probably eight year old laughed at them. Not. I was mortified. Last year, I can't believe I'm saying this, I passed on the fair. It was just more than my first trimester self could handle.
marine friend, Rob, holding an Annie Baby

Current Fair Memories (2009)
We took AP to the fair this year and she had a blast! We walked around and enjoyed 1 chicken on a stick, 1 order of fried onions, 1 funnel cake, and 1 coke (between the two of us). It was definitely the least amount of food I've ever eaten at the fair. And it was the least amount of rides (0). And it was the shortest visit (45 minutes, maybe). And it was the best memory I've ever made at the fair.

I love you, Punkin!


Carrie said...

I'm mad that you didn't invite us to go with you! We missed out on the fair this year AND last year! So sad... I'm totally kidding about being mad, by the way :o)

Rachel Bolanos said...

That is a precious picture of you & Ann Peyton! Too cute!!