Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Pumpkin Says......

Happy (late) Birthday, Mickey!

I didn't forget that the 13th was his b-day; I just forgot that yesterday was the 13th. These days I do good to remember what day of the week we're on.

Anyway, in honor of my Dad's b-day, here are thirteen reasons why he is the most wonderful dad/grandfather:
1. I know I can depend on him for supper at LEAST once a week. And I know what I'll be having.
2. He talks to AP in the same sweet voice he talks to his favorite dogs in. And he cherishes his dogs. It's so precious.
3. He calls her his "baby bird".
4. He has always made me feel like he was proud of me. Even times when I messed up.
5. He adores Peyton. They are truly best friends. Peyton made a big effort in the beginning, but he did, too.
6. He has always made sure I had everything I needed and a lot of what I wanted.
7. He makes me laugh when he says things like "The Nobel Prize is just like the Heisman Trophy--meaningless".
8. When I broke up with my first boyfriend, he told me tons of stories about a girl he thought he was going to marry. She drunk barfed in the back of his Mustang, but he really thought she was the one. Of course, they broke up and he met Minnie. I promise this was a very deep conversation.
9. When I tried to run away from home (circa 1995) he took the afternoon off work to drive me around to crackhouses and show me where I could possibly end up if I followed through with the aforementioned running away plan. He turned off the air conditioner because, I quote "If you really got kidnapped, you'd be in the trunk, but that's not a safe thing for me to do to you". Yes, lesson learning was high on his list of priorities.
10. He's a worrier. Not that that's a good thing, but it's just like me.
11. He's also very analytical and dry. I can be that way sometimes, too.
12. He built me and Cookie the most amazing (3 story!!) playhouse in his workroom when we were little.
13. He gave THE sweetest, most eloquent toast at our rehearsal dinner and choked up during it. I wish I had it on video, it would mean almost as much as having the tape of the wedding. But, it's a beautiful memory.

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Heidi said...

My Mom and your Dad share birthdays! Neato! :-)