Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Happenings: A Little Under the **Weather**

Last week was not so much busy, as it was just "ugh". I don't know, we didn't do that much, but I felt SOO exhausted. And I think I was fighting terrible headaches at least half the week. Yesterday, I was just so wiped out, I hardly made it to church. And, I'm telling you, I know what the problem is. It's all this NASTY weather. I am so ready for more than a two day stretch of sunshine. I know I'm griping and I hate to do that, but y'all, I need to see the sun so bad! Anyway, onto the weekly happenings....

Monday was a great day. I only left home once and that was for a little stroll with Peyton and AP. Although it got off to a bit of a rocky start with some sad blog reading, I ended up making myself snap out of it (with a little help from my fried Sheri and some cream cheese). We ended up having a FABULOUS time on our stroll, enjoying the crisp, fall weather.

Tuesday we had a great day at Mother's Morning Out; AP didn't cry at all! And then Peyton and I went on a long overdue date and I realized how very many things there are that I absolutely adore about my husband! I am so glad I made myself go even though I was feeling terrible!

On Wednesday, Cookie came home from Ole Miss to, wait for it, get a haircut! Haha, we do share a stylist, and she is fabulous, but I think she also wanted an excuse to pop home for a night--she hasn't had an open weekend for some time. Oh, being a rebel- it is such hard work! So, Annie and I went over to see her. It was good to see my dad, too, since he had previously been quarantined from his baby bird due to having the Swine. We took some great videos of Cookie doing her "babykin voice"; she can talk just like our Annie Baby!

Thursday we had MMO again and I felt miserable. I made it through the morning but AP and I pretty much crashed on the couch the rest of the day and I did not do one thing, save making a yummy chicken casserole around 9:00 when my headache became bearable.

On Friday, AP and I went for another stroll (#2 of the week--maybe the weather wasn't as bad as I thought) with Carrie and Aubrey. We had a ton of fun talking about babies, recipes, and an upcoming baby-free trip we're (hopefully) planning to take. I think the stroll was very relaxing for Annie and Aubrey:
I am trying SO hard to bring my camera along when we go places. I have so many pictures of AP sitting around at home, but hardly any "on the go". So if you know me IRL (in real life) and I start popping out my camera all the time, that's why!

Also, Friday was AP's "half birthday"; I can't believe she is half way to a year. Where does the time go?? We finished out the night with some Beans and Rice at my parents and my mom ended up coming back over to my house at around 10:00 to help me pick out clothes for AP and myself for something the next day that had slipped my mind **stresser**....

Saturday we spent the better part of the day at Candy's wedding. Candy is the youngest child of one of my mom's best friends and she is several years older than me. She and her sister used to babysit me and Cookie! The wedding was beautiful and the receptions was so much fun! The wedding was very formal and we were sitting close to the front and so I decided to get a babysitter (the daughter of another one of Momma's friends) to sit with AP outside the sanctuary. I heard a baby cry and was really scared it was her crying behind the doors so I got up to check. Fortunately, it was not Annie Banani. I know it's not a big deal to some people, but my mom is so old-fashioned, I (and she) would have been mortified! The bride's dad, Charles, who is one of my dad's best friends, is a GREAT cook. He cooks tons of gourmet recipes. So he got it catered by Walkers, a really nice restaurant in Jackson. The food was so fancy and delicious! It was fun to see some people I don't get to see often, but we had to keep telling her not to try to steal the show from the bride! She did great from about 1:00 to 5:30 (glad I brought that bottle I thought we wouldn't be there long enough to use!).

By the way, just in case you were interested in how the above stressor situation turned out, AP ended up wearing a beautiful tatted dress that belonged to her Minnie (can you believe my momma still has some of her own baby clothes?). I wore one of Minnie's best ever TJ Maxx finds (and she's had some great ones)--a knee length ivory colored dress that has gold beading and a peach ribbon "belt". I also ended up wearing the shoes I wore in my wedding which have not seen the outside of my closet since then!
I wish I had a picture of us together!

Ann Peyton, Minnie, and another one of Minnie's BFF's, Julia

Sunday was good, even though I was "under the weather" again. We went to church and then to Peyon's brother, Michel's birthday party. It was fun to hang out with AP's other set of grandparents and to see her first cousin, Simeon. How cute are they together?Also, Peyton's mom informed me that she reads my blog now (neither of my parents care anything about it, ha!).

So, this week is looking a little busy with doctor's appointments, football games, and lots of other activities. Also, I really need to do better with my goals list and I have some projects that really need tackling (like changing over my closet to fall/winter stuff). At least this past week I accomplished getting AP's closet up to date. I packed up lots of 0-3 mo. stuff. It made me miss my bitty baby. Seriously, I'd adore another girl *one day*. Sidenote: is six months the magic number when you start asking people when they're going to have another baby?!? C-R-A-Z-Y. P.S. Carrie, I'm not talking about you, since we discuss sibling spacing at least every other week, haha! I'll leave y'all on that note!


Carrie said...

I LOVE LOVE that picture of Aubrey and AP! I may have to steal it! Ha! I hope the weather improves for your sake, even though I am partial to rainy days ;o)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I found your blog through your sister in law, Elizabeth (we went to school together back in the day). Also your mom and my mom know each other. Anyway now that you know who I am :), the picks of AP and Simeon are too cute! They will have fun growing up together!