Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Practice (and a little rant)

I hate taking Ann Peyton to church by myself. It's a hassle and it's something I like to do as a family. We missed church this morning (I didn't wake up to my alarm; apparently I was really tired because Peyton put it right beside my ear and it still didn't wake me up). Well, I really didn't feel like it (you know sometimes you just don't?), but I knew we should go to the evening service. I just kept thinking "I really wish Peyton was here to go with us". As I was driving, I started thinking about Sherri (Sheppard) and her tweets every Sunday about how excited she is when she takes her son, Jeffery, to church. I felt kind of bad about my rotten attitude, thinking of her taking her child to church by herself EVERY Sunday. And then I thought about all the single moms (and dads) who take their kids to church by themselves every Sunday. And I decided that I would commit to pray for those parents every time I have to take AP by myself.

Okay, so here's my rant. It's kind of related. I HATE it when I hear a stay at home mom who consistently complains about how hard her life is. I guess it's just a pet peeve of mine. And I KNOW that I do it, too. Seriously, if you are friends with me in real life, help keep me accountable on this. I do not want to be that mom.

I know a lady with older (school age children) who is CONSTANTLY telling me to enjoy AP now. Now, this doesn't bother me in and of itself. I mean everyone loves babies and everyone wants to remind you to enjoy your baby's babyness while they are a baby. Fine. There are days I want Ann Peyton to be six months old forever. I get that.

What I don't like is that she proceeds to tell me how much her life sucks now. She tells me how busy she is running them to various practices, lessons and the like (please, YOU chose this insane schedule for your family). She tells me she never realized how nice it was to plop them in front of the tv (I honestly think that my mom was probably relieved when we started school because she hardly ever plopped us anywhere, save her lap). I guess it bugs me more than anything because she is a SAHM and I feel like this attitude she has is so disrespectful to working mommas who wish they were in her position (I know not all of them do and that is fine; I'm just saying many do). Finally, I (hopefully not too rudely) told her that I would probably never experience what she was going through because by the time AP was in school I would either a) have more little children I was also trying to mother or b) be back at school myself, engaging in the career I meant to began in the fall of 2008. So basically, I wasn't sympathetic. I don't think she's gotten my point because she continues to whine to me. (End of rant).

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