Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Memory Making

Well, my earlier post about fair memories got me thinking about memories and this is a post I have been meaning to write for weeks. It's just a short little thing, but to me it's super important.

A few weeks back I was reading a post by one of my sweet blog friends, Heidi. I wish I could link to the whole post, because it was really inspirational to me (and Heidi's got a way fun blog), but unfortunately Heidi's blog is private. So, I decided I'd just quote a few of her words (I asked her first, of course!):
I'm not saying that we can be everything to our children, we are human and that is that, but we certainly can be the person and source of highest interest and discovery to our children, thus building very strong bonds, or ties, of love and relationship between ourselves and our children, "tying heart strings", that will hold and get stronger as our kids grow into adulthood. The foundation for a good adult-parent relationship is laid in childhood folks, it's a fact!
And then she goes on to talk about sweet times with her children, feeding carrots to horses and making tents in their living room.

The post just made me realize that I will need to be intentional about creating memories with AP (and her brothers or sisters, when they come). I made a list in my head of fun things (need to write that down) and thought of all the special memories I had from growing up. But I kind of chalked it up to a thing for "later".

Shortly after that I read something my precious friend, Ashley, tweeted. It was about watching the rain with her baby and how she would never forget that memory she had just made.

I haven't even told her this yet, but I was so convicted by those "less than 140 characters". It seems like most of the memories that I have so far or either of a big event (a trip or a holiday) or they are something totally unexpected (like her first laugh). I want to be better about creating spontaneous little memories for myself. I want to make sure that I enjoy her so much and that I slow down and take time to just enjoy life with her (this is always such a struggle for me). Of course, I do have some great, sweet little memories like the beautiful summer morning we spent outside and "camping out" all night long in front of a fire. But, I'd love more. And the only way to have them is to make them.

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