Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annie Banani : Fashionista {Fall Edition}

I decided that since I've posted my fall decorations, my fall favorites, and even given my blog a new fall feel; it was time for some fall fashion. Not mine, of course--although that would be an interesting post, I'm sure. No, Annie Banani: Fashionista will be modeling her fall collection this afternoon. These are just a few of my favorite pictures from a "fashion show" (I wanted to see what fit, so I made her try on a bunch of outfits in a row) we had awhile back.

Peyton says she looks like a couch here, probably because my parents have a toile sofa. Haha!

Here she is being a bit funky!

Annie in her baby sweats

Another comfy "knock around" outfit

This one has some embroidered rosebuds on it--of course not enough, Minnie took it upon herself to add more!

She loves fashion shows!

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