Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Fall Decorations


My fall decorations are really pretty minimal. I got most of them several years ago when Peyton and I were still dating and we were having a Halloween party at our (then his) house. My style has definitely changed a bit since then, haha! I just went ahead and got most of it out, anyway, though. Last year (the first year I lived here) I was more concerned with actually decorating the house period (window treatments, slipcovers, bed spreads) and planned to buy some fall things when they went on sale. But when I went shopping, they already had the Christmas stuff out and of course it was way cuter than the Fall "sale" stuff and Christmas stuff is a weakness anyway. Yeah, I'm a marketeer's dream.

Here are the decorations in our den:

I still like this, but it needs some adding to for it to feel complete.

Uh, I guess this will be fun for Annie? What made me think this was an acceptable decoration in any house. Sigh.

weird little caldron--I think we ussually put something in it

I think these little pumpkins on our mantle are pretty cute.

He's cheesy, but I do love him.

I need some candles for the tree.

Here's the decorations in the kitchen:

pumpkin dish towel

This I still like.

This I'm not so sure about!

This is one of my favorite things. I truly love changing up what's in our candy jar; it's a simple pleasure!

And in the bathroom:
It's Darth (our real kitty, who is black).

Which reminds me, we need to start keeping her inside for the next couple of weeks. We always keep her in around Halloween so that no one will steal her and do unmentionable things to her as a prank.

So, as I said, sparse. I'd welcome any suggestions and can't wait to browse through the posts for ideas (I still need to go through last weeks)--so much fun!


pk said...

I like your "cheesy" ghost the best! :-) And your baby is adorable...
pk @ Room Remix


I agree with PK, the "cheesy" ghost is the best! And that witchy weathervane is super cute! However, your baby and the black kitty steal the show! Thanks for sharing! -April

Sam said...

Oh I like that witch weather vane thing. Very cute!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Jenn said...

Put a bow on the handle of that basket! Oh and the tree candle holder is gorgeous...I'm a big fan of tree things!!

Thanks for sharing!