Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Happenings: In Which the Mamarazzi Is Out in Full Force

A few updates, first:
- I'm super sad that there was no new "Army Wives" episode tonight. The season finale definitely lived up to my expectations; it was pretty much an existential experience. I've been watching a few DVR'd shows from the new fall season, but nothing is filling the void yet. This is almost like when I was thirteen years old and finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" for the first time and cried for a week because it was over. Okay, it is really nothing compared to that, but there are similarities.

- Napping is going better. By that I mean that Ann Peyton isn't falling asleep in an upright position or in an apparatus designed to promote activity. I sought out some advice from Ashley, aka the Sleep Training Czar, and I feel good about it. One thing that I have realized, though, is that our morning nap time is going to have to be flexible. There is just no way I can expect her to fall asleep at MMO when three or four other babies are crying/playing loudly. However, she is her Daddy's daughter, and once she's asleep nothing seems to bother her.

Now, onto the week's happenings...

On Monday, Ann Peyton and I stayed home most of the day. It was another dreary day! Monday evening we went to Primos with Sue. We had so much fun catching up with Sue. I just love her and she was so excited to see AP. She is such a sweet friend. I got a salad and she got breakfast and she gave me a piece of her bacon to add to my salad. Sue is just precious!

was fun. We had Mother's Morning Out and then we went to lunch with some Mommy and Baby friends. We had so much fun visiting with Ashley and Evy and Carrie and Aubrey. We got to talk about blogs, the Duggars, and of course, babies!
The little walker there on the right looks like she's about to take off running! Also, let's hope AP won't have to have pictures made in her ugly car seat soon--we are "working with her" on sitting up!

On Wednesday, I helped out some of our friends whose regular babysitter was busy (she was making biscuits for the fair). Jim and Anna's little boy, Zach, is just over a year old. He was a mess and it was fun to see what it would be like with a toddler and an infant. I tried not to let Annie get too close to Zach, since she had been exposed to a certain pig disease by a certain Evy Kate Lancaster.
AP just followed him with her eyes the whole day!

Ann Peyton was pretty content to sit in Zach's old bouncy seat most of the day.

Thursday we didn't do anything but MMO and I was glad for a break!

On Friday, I ended up making some baby food and attempting to do some stuff around the house. I didn't end up even going to Beans and Rice (a first in SO long), but my mom came over for a little visit. She helped me fix some corningware that had so much "gunk" on it I was going to throw it away. But Minnie broke out the Comet and had it looking brand new!

I was planning on going with my parents to Oxford on Saturday, but it was so cold so Peyton and I ended up taking AP to Granny and PopPop's (his grandparents) house. I love car trips with Peyton and I always enjoy seeing Granny and PopPop. Peyton's dad and one of his brothers were down there, too, helping with work on the farm (chopping lumber). So, Granny, AP, and I got to do a lot of visiting while the men worked.

It was a nice relaxing trip. After we got back, I ran to Target and Kroger. When I got home, Peyton made us a fire and we had a little "picnic" with hotdogs and smores in front of the fire. The three of us ended up making a palate on the floor and sleeping in front of the fire ALL night. We used to do this all the time when I was pregnant (except I slept on the couch--it was really more comfortable than the bed). It was so much fun to do it with AP actually here with us--such a wonderful memory!
this is how Daddy likes to defrost hotdogs!

Today we went to church and this afternoon we took AP to Peyton's parents house and went to see "Where the Wild Things Are". I'm going to do a more in deepth "review", but it was NOTHING like the book. I was kind of disappointed. Then we went by my parents' house.
Minnie decided an Exersaucer would be the perfect place to feed a babykins!

When we got home tonight, I did some MUCH NEEDED housework, straightening up and doing laundry and such. And Peyton built us ANOTHER fire!

I don't think this coming week is going to be as busy, but they always fill up! I hope I can finally tackle some things around the house that I've been meaning to (I've FINALLY started going through my fall clothes and putting them up--I am ridiculous because I have been making trips to the attic (or storage is HORRIBLE) on cold days, haha!).

What a weirdo!!


Ashley said...


A certain Ashley Lancaster is SICK of the comments about the exposure to THE SWINE.

Is your child sick? Is she dying of said Swine?

That's what I thought. So if you or Carrie post one more thing about me being a CRAPPY PARENT and exposing your dearests to THE SWINE, it will get ugly.



"I sought out some advice from Ashley, aka the Sleep Training Czar. . ."

I laughed out loud because I totally don't think I am! I just already have a Type A child..?

Carrie said...

Whew! Ashley, I promise it's all Sarah Denley's fault! She's the one who made you post on your blog, and I just linked to it... I never mentioned any names! Hahaha. :o)

I love the way the babies are all doing their own things in that pic. They all seem oblivious to each others presence.

And I'm glad you have been "working with" Ann Peyton on her sitting up skills. Who's brilliant idea was that??