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Weekly Happenings Post #32 (October 19-October 25)**

** I just ran out of creative titles. I hope I can come up with some catchy, every week title for these posts by next week, but who knows.

Also, fair warning: this post is insanely long. If you still read these Weekly Happenings posts, my apologies.

au naturel
Peyton decided we should include Teddy Gram (his bear from when he was just a little older than AP) in the photo shoot.

This past week was busy but super fun! We had so much fun stuff going on. On Monday Peyton was off so we did a bunch of errands (Goodwill and Salvation Army to drop off stuff, the bank to activate a new debit card, and by Peyton's sister's house to drop something off). We also took Annie to the Fair for the first time, which was so much fun!
Annie and Mommy in front of the Ferris Wheel

Annie and Dady in front of the Ferris Wheel

Annie modeling on the hood of the Buick
Aside: Peyton called her a Hippie Baby all day. I just love this outfit (I'm SO obsessed with little love birds and this green is one of my favorite colors).

I love her bunny booties, too!

After that, AP and I went to dinner at Newks with my friends Amanda and Logan, while Peyton visited his brother Andrew's new house. We had a great time, but I'm so mad I forgot pictures! Then on our way home we stopped by Dogwood to search for some fleece sleepers for AP (Peyton keeps our house so cold, but he said he didn't want her to burn any of her calories trying to keep warm--good thinking Dad; she needs every last one). I was surprised that they were $17.00(!!) at Old Navy; I usually find great deals there. But they did have some reasonable prices at The Children's Place. I'm so picky about these things! Peyton said don't worry if they weren't cute just find some cheap ones; we'd be the only ones seeing her. But I like her to be dressed cute ALL the time, haha!

Tuesday was Mother's Morning Out. Half of my class was out, so we went home early and did some errands. They combined all the children and it just would not have been good for AP to be in there with the "big kids"; I think I would have been holding her the whole time! So we went by Lowes, Babies R Us, and Old Navy again (haha). Then we had lunch with my friend Morgan and her little girl, Mary Milton. Morgan is so southern and loves things like double names and proper etiquette. She is just one of the most gracious, "lady like" women I know. I just adore her. And I forgot the pictures again.

Then, I had a little disaster. I had locked my house keys in the car and so when Peyton locked the door on his way to work for the afternoon we got locked in. No big deal; I didn't have any place to go and my mom was coming by after she got off work to help me weed through some clothes in my closet to get rid of. But then my charger to my phone quit working (after my phone died) and so I got so scared being locked in with no phone (I know,stupid, but my mind raced with the possibilities). Later, Peyton told me if the house did catch on fire we could escape through a window. Well, of course! So when my mom got here to help, I was SO relieved. We went by my parents house so I could charge my phone. Then I cooked spaghetti for supper. We tried a new sauce which Peyton loved but I hated.

Wednesday I went shopping with my mom. We went to Lemon Meringue, a baby "boutique", but I didn't really find anything special. We also went to Anthropolgie and a cute shop in Ridgeland called Space Savers. I found a book that I just HAVE to order for AP for Christmas--I loved "The Little Prince" and the PopUp is so cool (I've always loved pop-up books). After that I went to Walmart to get groceries and a charger for my phone; of course they didn't have one. I went by Lowes (again!) and then home to meet a guy who put in our new front door. I'm so excited because our old one had a huge glass pane and I didn't feel safe going to the door when Peyton wasn't here (again, it's stupid). I cooked a pot roast and Peyton brought home a charger, but it was the wrong kind (UGH!).

On Thursday we had MMO and then back to Walmart for the right charger. I was so glad when I FINALLY got it. Also, AP learned a new trick.

Friday I stayed home all day and really worked on the closets some more (last year I did it for several hours straight and got it done so quick; but it's different with a little person around now!). Annie and I slept at my parents house after Beans and Rice because we were going with them to the Ole Miss game and Peyton couldn't go. Since we had to get up at 4:30 to get both of us dressed and fed and ready it made sense to just stay with them!

On Saturday we had a fun time, but it was probably the most stressful trip so far. We took two cars so that I could come home for a work party that Peyton wanted to go to. It worked out because my dad wanted to come home early, too and my mom wanted to stay and spend the night with her brother and his wife and then spend Sunday with Cookie. My mom was in charge of the food for the tent, even though it wasn't her turn and she hadn't planned it and so she was just a big ball of nervous the whole time. AP was hysterical almost the entire trip back (and my dad drives so slow). She has spoiled me by being such a good traveler and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. I figured it out when we got home, though. Not to be too graphic, but there was a BIG surprise for me in her diaper. No wonder she was fussy!

Cookie, Me, and Annie

Hair sans ponytail for the first time in ages

Annie wanted Minnie's Diet Coke (and Cookie's beer, ha!)

She got this instead. Don't you love that my parents are twinkies?

On the way home....this only lasted a short while. Dad played her a sweet lullaby from his CD collection, "Angel of the Morning". Mick has always did have a knack for picking out beautiful songs that are actually inappropriate and/or sexual.

When we got home we hurried and got ready for the party really fast. We didn't wear costumes (we did wear orange); Peyton wanted to be Charlie Brown and me be the Giant Pumpkin (I told him those would've been great costumes last year). But we did have a precious Glow Worm with us!
me and the little glow worm

family picture

On Sunday, I got up and got ready for church and got AP ready. We had planned to go to the early service so Peyton could go with us, but I set my alarm wrong. Well, the two of us were all ready to go and I discovered that he hadn't strapped the car seat base back in my car (I got him to show me how; redic that I didn't know). So we stayed home and watched Galloway from the couch.
AP was ready for church

couch potato!

Her outfit is like a baby sweat suit (Dad calls them "warm up suits") haha!

It was good to have a full day at home. I got a ton of laundry done and my house looks somewhat clean and straight. It was a nice break after such a busy week. I had been putting AP in disposable diapers and giving her commercial baby food--horrors. I also caught up on some dvr'd shows. I really love The Good Wife, but I can't stop thinking of Mr. Big (from SATC) every time I see the husband, haha! I also listened to an AMAZING sermon on podcast with Peyton and we had some great Poppyseed Chicken for dinner.


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