Friday, October 9, 2009

Yet Another Solicitation for Advice

So I need your opinions, mommas. Yes, again.

When we went to the doctor at the beginning of the week one think we talked about was sleep habits. I told him that AP sleeps a lot, and I AM NOT COMPLAINING. Basically, until now she has just slept when she wanted to. And it's not a problem for us because she will sleep anywhere. Crowded restaurant, busy store, the car is her favorite. So yes, she's an easy baby.

(she's under the napkin, but don't worry peyton had his knees up so she wouldn't roll off)

But Dr. Denney suggested that we do try to start a (flexible) routine. This excited me a TON because I am a big routine person myself. This became obvious when I was about seven years old and Cookie and I would play school during the summers and I would plan our entire day in thirty minute increments. I think it's the teacher in me, but I just think children (and adults many times) crave routines. I have already established some night time routines/traditions, but we have no set schedule.
how I like to organize my life

So, she slept TWELVE hours last night and she's doing great with her new eating regime (3 solid "meals" a day plus nursing), but I'm not sure what to do about napping.

Dr. Denney said she should be taking a morning and afternoon nap and then sleeping a long stretch at night. I know a few babies her age still take three naps, but I didn't mention it. Anyway, she does not want to cut back to two (I think three might be doable--like I said she's been sleeping whenever she wants but I guess it probably ends up being 3 or 4 naps a day).

So, what do I do? And HOW do I do it? I mean, I do play with her during the day and I guess I just need to do it when she's sleepy but it's not "naptime"??? Seems like that is going to make her cranky. Yeah, she feel asleep in her doorway jumper last night before her last feeding. Who falls asleep in their Johny Jumper????
.....same kinda kid that sleeps in her Bumbo, I guess.


Ashley said...

Because we did Babywise, we've tried to do structured naps from the get-go. Evy takes 2-3 naps a day--it's not concrete yet. Basically, she wakes up in the morning, is awake for 2 hours, then k put her in her crib (awake). She sleeps on average for about an hour or a little more then wakes up and eats. Depending on how long her naps are, that's how I decide if she needs an extra nap. I would just start watching for what times AP is sleepy and develop a plan from there. Email me:)

HeatherOz said...

oooh, it would be hard to change her "sleep anywhere" habbit! Once they start sleeping in their crib for ALL their sleepy times, that's the only place they want to sleep!
Daisy is 13 months and she takes a 9am nap and usually a 3pm nap. Usually her naps are about 1.5 hours.

Carrie said...

What worked for Aubrey when we were trying to get on a nap schedule was to ALWAYS put her to sleep in her bed. I didn't let her sleep anywhere else. I would close her drapes so it was dark in her room, nurse her, and lay her down just like I did at night. That way she associated her bed with sleep and everything else with being awake and playing. If Ann Peyton falls asleep somewhere other than her bed, I would rouse her slightly and put her in her bed. That way she can see that she is in her bed and learn the sleep association. Once she gets to the point where she is taking all of her naps in her bed, I would guess that she'll fall asleep less during her "play time." She'll want her bed when she is sleepy. That was our experience anyway. Once Aubrey got used to napping in her bed everytime, she pretty much developed her own little schedule. It just fell into place for us.