Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Wish I Was in Dixie: Recap of the Last Home Game of the Season

alternately titled: Tigers Bleax
(I know it's crass, but so clever!)

Well, I decided I better go ahead and get this post up before this Saturday. As promised, here are some pictures from last weekend (no videos; I looked through them and they were pitch black dark. I'll keep them because I enjoy hearing myself talk to Annie and squeal as Dixie is played in the background, but you're probably not interested).

Which does Ann Peyton love more, her raspberry teether or her Cookiekins?

photo op with sleepy Annie

I don't know if I've shared this, but I'm pretty much obsessed with her Rosebud Winter Suit. I like to think she takes great pleasure in wearing it. I also like to think that a couple of decades from now she will, as I do, take great pleasure at looking at her own baby pictures, throwing modesty to the wind, and fawning over what a beautiful child she indeed was.

Snuggle Bunny with her Minnie

This was after the game. We were having a good time. Not as much as the friends one tent over, though, which we deemed the "party tent". They kept playing this song:

This is a total tangent, but yesterday my Dad after much searching found the song and downloaded it. The funny part is not that my really quiet, introverted Dad downloaded this techno sports chant thing. The funny part was when he started raising the roof. And then my mom started doing the thing with Annie. You know, the thing where you make fists and move your hands around in concentric circles in front of your chest--we call it the "Chip and Dale dance" because Chip and Dale really introduced it to us at Disney World fifteen years ago. It's basically what you do when you intentionally want to look ridiculous dancing. Cookie and I just stared at each other, like "who are these people?". End of tangent. Back to Saturday.

As I stated in an earlier post, we left my parents' house around 8ish and got home shortly before midnight. It was quite a day. The best part? This little adventure:

As would happen, I'm driving down Old Fannin at around midnight thirty and I get pulled over. The cop was really nice, but as would happen, I couldn't find my license anywhere. Here was the basic conversation:
Friendly Police Officer: "Ma'me, could I see your license?"
Me: "Yes, of course". Fumble around, even though I know that since it wasn't in my purse at the gas station three hours ago, it probably not in there now.
FPO: "Do you know why I pulled you over? You were going 65 in a 35. And you crossed the yellow line."
There is no way I was going 65. Also, I may have crossed the line when I noticed him. My mirror was looking at AP and so I kind of turned to look when I saw the lights in my side mirror. I know I didn't pull over quick enough either, but I didn't even see him at first. So glad I glanced in the other mirror. Anway, I don't think this is the time for an argument. Besides, I'm busy looking in the diaper bag for my license.
Me: "Yes sir, and I really, think that it's in this car somewhere" (not a lie, I have about five bags with me).
FPO: "Have you been drinking?"
Me: "No sir." Continue to look for missing license. This is getting old, but he is being pretty nice.
FPO: "Well, there's no point in us all getting pneumonia. Nonverbally acknowledges Ann Peyton. Do you know your driver's license number?"
Me: "Not off the top of my head."
FPO: "Ma,me, do you have a license?"
Me: "Yes, sir. Like I said, I think that it is somewhere in here."
FPO: "What about your social security number?"
Me: "Yes, it's ***-**-****."
FPO: "Now, is your license suspended or anything? Because when I call this in they'll tell me right away."
Me: "No sir. Nothing like that."
He calls it in. As we're waiting....
FPO: "Where are you coming from this at this hour?" (I know what he means is "Why in the world is this girl who looks like she's fourteen driving around in a Buick in the middle of the night with a baby in the backseat?").
Me: "I'm on the way home from my parents' house in Madison."
FPO: "What were you doing over there?" ("at this insane hour?")
Me: (I was trying to avoid this). "We just got back from the Ole Miss game."
I knew it was coming....
FPO: "Ma,me, have you had anything at all to drink today?"
Me: In the sweetest possible tone, "No sir, I'm breastfeeding her, I haven't had anything at all to drink all year."
He smiles, says something about the great victory, and they call in the information. Of course, it's fine.
FPO: "So where is your husband tonight?"
Me: "At home. He had to work. He works every other weekend."
FPO: "That's rough" I know, we're martyrs.
Me: "He's a pharmacist." Why the small talk? (ohmyfreakinggosh, Children's Church, must determine best way to make a paper bag cornucopia).
FPO: "Oh yeah? Making the big bucks?"
Insert Incredibly awkward laugh ::here::
FPO: "Okay, ma'me, I'm gonna let you go but slow down and drive save."

When I get home, I get the stuff together for church and change clothes and Peyton wakes up Annie and is playing with her like it's 1:00 in the afternoon, instead of in the morning.

Ahh, LIFE , I love what you do to me.

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