Monday, November 2, 2009

Letter to (Seven Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are OVER half way to a year now. That seems so weird to me; that in less than a year you will be one. Crazy. I can't believe you are such an "old" baby; it seems like you were a newborn just yesterday. But at the same time I can't really remember my life without you. We keep falling more and more in love with you each day.

This month has been busy for you! You've been traveling a lot--to see your great grandparents, Granny and PopPop and to several Ole Miss Games. You went to your first wedding (you sat outside the sanctuary), your first wedding reception, and your first costume party. You also went to the State Fair for the first time this month!

You sat up by yourself (after we balanced you) and now you can do it for almost a full minute! We're so proud of you!

You also had your first bout with sickness. You had a double ear infection AND a stomach bug! Daddy and I could neither one believe how sweet you were when you were sick. You were a bit more fussy, but still mostly calm and laid back.

You are a growing girl, but you're still tiny. Your cousin, Simeon, who is only three months old is already bigger than you! You wear some 6 mo. outfits, but mostly 3-6 mo. things. You weighed 13 lbs last week when I took you to the doctor.

You still wear size one diapers. We recently put up all the cloth diapers that you started out in and ordered the second size of them. The little size one disposables are so cute, you can stay in them forever if you want to. No No, Mommy is only joking. Even though your diapers are SO much cuter than those huge ones the big kids at Mother's Morning Out wear, you've got to keep growing or we'll be in trouble again. Remember our deal? I feed you and you grow. Right.

Speaking of, you LOVE food. Bananas, apples and sweet potatoes are your favorites, but you don't say "no" to anything. I think it's especially adorable when you open your mouth big and lean forward in your high chair for the next bite. You also love feeding yourself "Rice Rusks" and Vanilla Wafers.

You are enjoying Mother's Morning Out and you go to the nursery at least part of the service almost every Sunday. That is fine with you; you just love to sit in people's lap and are happy in the nursery as long as someone sweet is holding you.

You have started doing something really sweet, though. Sometimes, when Mommy tries to hand you to someone else, you grab me tight and turn your head in toward me. You've known who I was for a long time now, but I feel like you are starting to really love me so much more. It's so wonderful.

You are very independent, in some ways, though. You are so content to do your own thing and are a pro at entertaining yourself. Sometimes, I feel like I spend too much time "getting things done" and not enough playing with you. It's something I've decided to be very intentional about. I'm reading a book and it says eight to eighteen months are THE most important for your intellectual development, so we're about to buckle down. This month is our "trial run"--we are going to be talking and reading and singing so much more!

You are starting to show some new interests and some old ones are becoming stronger. Your three very favorite things are the outdoors, animals, and music. You love to be outside. Anytime you are fretful (which is rare), we'll take you outside and walk around the yard and you'll be a different baby. You are even more interested in your kitties than you used to be. When they walk by you try to grab them and if we let you pat Darth or General you just coo and giggle. You also want Layla (Mickey and Minnie's doggie) to be your best friend, but she is not so interested in you. We listen to music a lot at Mother's Morning Out and you loved it so much that I ordered a little CD player that you can work yourself when you get a little bigger. I've also stared singing hymns to you. You love it when I sing to you and I'm going to enjoy that while it lasts, haha! Your taste is very eclectic; you enjoy everything from Bruce Springsteen, to hymns, to show tunes. There are some songs that I just can't sing you without them bringing tears to my eyes; I just love you that much.

Annie, I love you more than you will ever be able to imagine (unless you are blessed with your own little girl or little boy one day). We are so proud of you and could not be happier that you are ours. You are such a precious gift from the Lord.

Momma (and Papa)

One Month Old Ann Peyton

Two Month Old Ann Peyton

Three Month Old Ann Peyton

Four Month Old Ann Peyton

Five Month Old Ann Peyton

Six Month Old Ann Peyton

(now) Seven Month Old Ann Peyton

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