Thursday, November 5, 2009

Running the Race

Yesterday morning in my Max Lucado devotion book, Max talked about "running the race" as a Christian. About how it's not a jog. How the Greek word for "race" is agon; from which we get agony. You know; running races isn't easy. I just love him!

At the end, he always asks a (usually) really probing question. Yesterday, he asked "what steps can you take to increase your spiritual stamina?". What a great question. It really got me thinking a lot. I know there a quite a few steps I could take. Peyton and I both need to become more involved in our church, for one. We used to do a lot more, but now Sunday morning is really the only time we go consistently. I need to spend more time just talking to the Lord. My grandmother, "Bump", always said she never prayed much. She meant she didn't pray formally. Because she talked to the Lord all day long. She was a widow and lived alone for over forty years and God was her best friend. I want that so bad. Minus the part where Peyton meets an untimely death, of course. And, as usual, I *really* need to be more diligent in my quiet time. Which leads me to this.......

I have this great Bible that I read daily and of course, the fabulous devotion book mentioned above. But I'd LOVE to do a real Bible study. I've done ones by Henry Blackaby, Beth Moore, and several others in groups, but I don't have anything like that now. I was thinking I'd just start one on my own. I'll probably go browse Lifeway, but if y'all have any suggestions of good ones PLEASE tell me.

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bwestenhover said...

Hi, I'm sort of a lurker (I come here from my friend Heidi's blog and don't know you at all!) but if you're looking for a Bible study that challenges and makes you grow, I will recommend Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. It's about being a good wife, and it is super hard-core! It has lots of scripture, but also advice from an older married woman. You may not agree with everything in the book, but even just wresting with it and deciding why it's wrong was so challenging for me. I read it before and after I was married, and it has definitely had a positive influence on my marriage.