Friday, November 13, 2009

Sad Day in the South

Oh gosh, friends, just what I need, another sad day. Okay make that sad and MAD day. You all know of my heartfelt love of "Dixie". Well, the chancellor at Ole Miss has decided to cave in to those who think that From Dixie with Love is really From Dixie with CrazyRacialBigot Hatred. Way to be PC, Dan Jones. Because of the phrase "The South will rise again" (traditionally said at the end of song, replacing "His truth is marching on" in the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" portion of the medley). My take on this....

Let's see. I'm pretty pissed off. But that's to be expected. I guess I'm a tad upset with the Ole Miss students who can't use a little bit of self control and not chant the questionable phrase. But what did I expect? If these kids don't have enough self control to keep themselves sober for over ten minute or keep their pants on (which most Ole Miss students don't, IMO) they're not going to have enough for this, either.

I'm kind of upset that the suggested replacement phrase was "to hell with LSU" (also to the tune of "His truth is marching on"--ironic, much?) Not that I'm even slightly offended by the word "hell"(in fact I've edited this post a couple of times for profanity). But if everyone is so bent on taking everything so freaking literally then in reality we are saying "God, please damn our rivals. We hate opposing teams so much we wish they would suffer eternal torment in the never ending depths of a fiery abyss. The end". Just putting things in perspective. I usually don't say "the south will rise again", because it's not an important part of the song to me and I hate to offend people without reason (I love to offend with reason. Just kidding I don't.). But, to me, these words do NOT mean a resurgence of segregation, something I would NEVER, EVER want. I know it doesn't appear this way to the rest of the world, but there were some good things about the Old South. I hate that all people can remember is the bad things. In the same way that I do not let my entire view of Germany be shaped by Nazis, I don't let my entire view of the South be shaped by slavery.

And then I'm just pissed off, because I don't think getting rid of the song will stop the student from saying TSWRA. If anything, I think the chancellor has encouraged it. And it's really not fair to all the other fans who never said anything.

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