Friday, November 27, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Christmas Traditions


Oh my, where to start. I LOVE traditions. They are just so special to me. I have so many wonderful memories of traditions from when I was growing up and now I am so excited to be starting new traditions that are really ours.

Traditions of Old
When I was growing up, we had so many Christmas traditions. One of my favorites was watching holiday movies. I still love Miracle on 34th Street (the Natalie Wood version)--vintage Christmas at it's best. My sister and I also loved to watch Little Women around this time of year; I know it's not technically a Christmas movie, but we just always watched it a lot in December. And, of course, we LOVED A Christmas Story. I know this is a movie that you either love or hate and ohmygosh, I love it. I STILL think it's hilarious the 160th time I watch it.

We listened to the corniest Christmas music ever. We had a Perry Como cassette tape and one by Bobby Helms. Our Christmas collection also included Elvis Presley, the Three Chipmunks, and the Notre Dame chamber choir.

We also loved going to pick out our Christmas tree and then decorating it after my dad put the lights on. I am adamant about having a real tree. It's just something I'll never compromise on. I need to smell my tree. Period. My sister, "Cookie", and I enjoyed the Christmas tree so much. We would crawl up under it and just inhale the scent of it. Sometimes, we'd fall asleep under the tree at night and my mom would have to come gently guide us to our beds. I remember pulling tiny needles off the tree and sucking on them and thinking they were better than any "winterfresh" gum around.

My mom made wonderful treats around Christmas. She made delicious peppermint candy, but her specialty was an adorable Santa cookie cake, that had marshmallows, Hershey kisses, and a cherry as embellishments.

Santa was a big deal at our house. I'm not going to lie--I believed until I was about thirteen. I was that kid. My dad still won't tell me and my sister about Santa. I kind of think he still believes in Santa himself. At the same time, our gifts really weren't elaborate. One year I got tape, scissors, markers, envelopes, stickers and a lot of other supplies that made for many wonderful hours of playing "school" and "office". "Santa" always laid the presents out so beautifully in our living room. They weren't wrapped; they were displayed as beautifully as any store window or painting. I love those memories.

Establishing Our Own Traditions
Peyton and I are only in our second year of marriage, but we've got our routine down. It's really helpful that both our parents live in town. We spend Christmas Eve at my parents' house and wake up there Christmas morning (it's so fun to all be together!). We get to Peyton's parents mid morning and then have a late lunch with my parents and fall asleep in front of the tv and fire at their house.

There are some other traditions that I really want to start this year, too.

I have decided that we are going to wear matching pajamas (me, Peyton and Ann Peyton--our little girl who is almost eight months old). I already have them picked out for this year.

We want there to be certain gifts that AP gets every year. I know that she will ALWAYS get at least one book; that is not negotiable. And I want to start her some sort of collection--cross ornaments, a nice nativity set she can have for the rest of her life, something like that. I need to decide soon!

I have decided that I have to go see Transiberian-Siberian Orchestra every year that they come to Jackson. They are amazing. Espessially if two of your favorite musical genres are Christmas and '80s hair band.

We want to support the angel tree ministry each year. What we'd like to do is always pick a child that is the age of Ann Peyton (we'll pick others for our future children as well). When she gets older I think it will be so good to shop with her for a special child that is just her age and to pray for that child and their family with her.

I'm sure I'll come up with more, because as I said I love traditions and they are so meaningful to me!

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Shoshanah said...

I love the idea of giving your daughter a book every single year. Its something I would love to do someday when I have children. And I'm stopping over at your blog from Kelly's Korner!