Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Pets

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Well, I'm a little late again but here it is--the pets! I have two pets, if you don't count Peyton, haha! Peyton got our two kitties when we were dating, so they were technically his cats, I guess. But, we picked them out together! We originally only got one, but she was SO skitish, we went back because we thought she'd do better with a friends. It's funny because now he is the high maintenance one!

This is our first kitty, Darth Kitty Herrington (known as "Darth").
I love it when she does her paws like that! Darth is very shy and has a lot of anxiety issues. She does not like strangers and when I first moved in after we got married it really freaked her out. She loves me now, of course, but it was a long time coming!

Its super fun having a black cat; of course, it sucks around Halloween when we have to lock her up (they are inside/outside kitties) so she won't get tortured as the butt of some cruel prank.

I think that she is so pretty and her beauty largely makes up for any personality deficits she may have. In fact, once, during one of the early days of my pregnancy ,when Peyton didn't think I was listening, I overheard him telling her that she was "a beautiful Egyptian princess". And I so hoped he would find our daughter equally beautiful.

And this is General Robert E. Lee Herrington (The General to friends and family), her "brother" that we went back to get about two hours later. General is named for General Robert E. Lee, obviously (and, obviously-I think obviously, Darth is named for Darth Vader; because she's black you know?). He is named for someone who I firmly believe was a great man and because I am unashamedly proud of my southern heritage.

However, Peyton likes to emasculate him and call him "Genny" or "Genny cat".

He really likes to get into things!

The General is a really funny friend. He did these things himself. As I said, he is the high maintence one. He is very "needy", almost like a dog, and will whine if you don't constantly pet him.

Thus, it was a sad day for him when this one came along.....

Fortuantly, Darth and General really enjoy each other's company most of the time, save the occasional "cat fight" (ba dum dum).

And fortuantly, they've both warmed up to our new baby!

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Kickin' Kari said...

WOw, the General looks a lot like my Rambo! Both beautful kitties!