Thursday, November 5, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Thanksgiving Traditions/Recipes

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Okay, so I don't have any recipes and our traditions are really pretty cliche.

BUT, my mom recently brought up the fact that Cookie (my sister) and I LOVE the traditions that our family does have. She was saying how she thinks they are important. And I couldn't agree more! I've already started thinking of special traditions I want to create for our little family and especially for Ann Peyton.

I'm pretty excited to go check out everyone else's traditions and hopefully get some more good ideas. Even though I still haven't gotten through many of the "Show Us What You Make" or "Show Us Your Fall Decorations".

Anyway, here are our traditions:

-- We go to my parent's house (we are blessed that both our families live in town, so we see both of them) and eat turkey, dressing, and other great stuff. My dad brings my grandmother from the retirement home and sometimes my aunt and uncle drive in from out of town. We usually don't eat until around 2:00 or 3:00 pm. It's a sort of "linner" (lunch+dinner).
-- Sometimes we stop by Peyton's parents' house before, sometimes after. It just depends.
-- We always end up falling asleep at my parents at some point during the late afternoon/early evening, usually on the couch, watching football. Heaven.
-- Last year, I made a "thankful list" around Thanksgiving. It was a great exercise. Definitely a new tradition.
-- Sometimes, if your husband is a pharmacist, he has to work on Thanksgiving. They can't just close down the pharmacy for holidays and Sweetums is a good guy and volunteered to work on Thanksgiving this year (okay; it had the added benefit of putting him out of the drawing for working on Christmas this year).

And that's about it for our traditions.

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Rachel Bolanos said...

I feel the same way! Danny doesn't have to work on holidays, but he has to work like two saturdays a month and I hate it! But he loves having a day off during the week haha. Enjoyed the post!