Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Telegram to My Dear Husband

When Cookie and I were little we were not shortchanged in our exposure to classic movies. We loved them. We watched them over and over. We memorized them. And we often reenacted them.

In several of these movies, people got telegrams. I'm almost certain there was a telegram scene in The Sound of Music (an ALL TIME favorite movie of mine). I think there may have been one in Miracle on 34th Street (the old one) or Parent Trap (again, old version). A little aside: after seeing both these remakes, as well as the Little Women remake, my mom just stopped taking us to them; because we always left disappointed and could only be consoled by watching the the original. Anyway, I think I remember writing numerous telegrams to members of my family (I also liked to pretend I was Captain Von Trap, having a stand off with an armed teen-aged Nazi, but you know, we all have our quirks).

So I decided to write a telegram for Peyton.

Dear Husband. Stop. Yes, the Hearts of Romaine lettuce does keep longer than the Spring Mix: Seasonal Blend of Mixed Greens. Stop. You are right. Stop. But it tastes like grass. Stop. Not all bagged lettuce is created equal. Stop. Thank you for your kind understanding. Stop. Fondly, Your Loving Wife. Stop.

As I was typing this telegram, a wonderful little idea found it's way into my head. I decided that maybe I should ask Santa for an old-fashioned typewriter for Christmas. And by Santa I mean Papa. And by Papa I mean Peyton. It would just be so much fun to type telegrams for him and for Annie's lunch box (later, much later. keep repeating. much. later.) Shouldn't have gone down that road; thinking about packing a lunch for a school-aged child almost gave me a panic attack. So do I go for the high-tech iPhone that I was planning on asking for or do I do a complete 180 as ask for this very low-tech machine?

I need to post my Christmas list, soon. More importantly, I need to post the Christmas list I've been working on for Annie. Peyton doesn't realize it, but I already have most of the presents we're going to give her picked out. I'll let him help a little though. Maybe.

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