Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Happenings #33 (October 26-November 1)

Wow, this week was eventful. Of course, Ann Peyton was sick for the latter part of the week. And I pretty much felt terrible, too. I was sure I had what she had or something worse, but no; it was just your garden variety PMS. Possible TMI alert.....

I've always had terrible PMS (really more during, than pre, but whatever). So much so that in high school I took birth control for the horrible, couldn't get out of bed/or even hardly breath cramps (ironic that the only time in my life I've ever taken an oral contraceptive is when I was not sexually active, ha!) . Well, things have gotten better and there is not so much physical pain, but I was just so exhausted this week and of course a bit of an emotional train wreck (but that's to be expected). Anyway, at this point in my fertility journey (still breastfeeding and all), there is really just no way to predict when things like this will show up. Good times, ha! Luckily, Annie does sick about the way she does life, really well. She was so sweet and really just napped a ton. Well, onto the week's events.....

Monday was pretty uneventful. We stayed home all day and then when Peyton got home we ran by Walgreens and Target and visited both our parents. This was also the day of the episode of major emotional turmoil.

On Tuesday, we went to Mother's Morning Out and then (after I almost forgot) ran by Dr. Denney's office for a flu shot. Tuesday evening, Peyton, AP and I went to O'Charlies to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. It was so much fun to see a bunch of our friends from church and catch up with people we don't see as often as we'd like. I had a great time talking to some sweet mommies about all things baby. Which leads me to.....who uses bumper pads? We always have but some of these folks kinda scared me with all variety of ways they could cause harm to an infant. I know you kind of just have to make up your mind and live your life, but I'm curious about what y'all think.
AP and her friend, Mary Milton. They are BFF's.

Annie actually looks BIG!
Wednesday we went for a stroll with our adorable friends and my mom visited. Then Peyton and I (and AP, of course) stopped by J. Crew and Anthropologie to make some returns and went to my parents house for supper (um, yeah, second time in three days, ha!). This is when we discovered AP was sick.

On Thursday, I stayed home all day and got a few things done (I'm so sad we missed costume day at MMO). Really, I wish I had had more to show for my full day at home, but mostly AP and I both just rested. I did get some work done on the great fall '09 closet changeover. It really is sad how long this is taking me, but I gave myself a little slack since AP was sick and I was feeling terrible. Also, you have to understand that there are two other factors at work here making this whole thing quite a process: 1) as much as I love my little house, our storage is horrible and so I store all my "off season" clothes in big plastic boxes in the attic and 2) I'm really OCD about things and have to make sure everything is properly sorted and folded before being boxed and properly sorted before being hung in the closet.

When Peyton got home, I left to meet my friends at Easely Amused. I kind of thought maybe I shouldn't leave Annie, but Peyton insisted and really he can do everything I can and is
probablydefinitely better qualified in medical situations. And he insisted. Anyway...
We painted "Groovy Grove". It was a bit harder than "New York, New York", but still fun. I watched as Amanda and Jamie's heads nearly popped off their bodies; both kept freaking out, OCDing over every detail. Both were loosing their minds because they could not paint the entire background before they painted the details. As I've been there before, I tried to explain that you have to sort of check your Type A tendencies at the door and play by their rules at these things. Not an easy thing to do mind you, as I'm one who really likes to let my control freak flag fly. At least I stopped short of suggesting they acquire a babykins. Because NOTHING in my life has caused me to let go of things and relax the way she has--I never would have thought there would be a time when I could just choose to loose an argument, could delete something off the DVR, could mark an email or an item in Google Reader "as read" even though though it was not in truth, or could go to bed peacefully with half a "to-do" list unfinished. But I have; and my life is better for it. Well, that was a tangent. Sorry. Anyway, I sat by Logan, who was perhaps a bit too relaxed, having just gone to two for one drinks before painting, ha!

On Friday, I took AP to the doctor. Really, she was already getting better, but I wanted to get her checked before the weekend. We got the diagnosis, had our medicine filled, and stopped by Minnie's for a little love.

Saturday was even more low-key. We did not partake in any Halloween festivities. I worked on my closet and some other stuff around the house and played with a sweet Babykins all day. We were supposed to go visit both the grandparents' houses, but AP was a little fussy and Peyton was tired (he feel asleep at 9:00) so we just stayed home and um, "forgot" to turn on our porch light (I know, I'm horrible, but I really did forget to get any candy).

And today has been great. We didn't go to church because, although AP's fever is gone, she was still having some "tummy issues" this morning and our nursery has a pretty strict sick policy (for which I'm thankful). But it has definitely been a great day of rest. And a great day for a little cooking. And reading. And organizing. And time wasting. I made a quiche (B4D, anyone?) and then we dressed AP up so she could go see my parents (we're going to do it for Peyton's parents tomorrow, yay for extending Halloween). We had a fun time seeing them and relaxing over there.
Minnie hiding behind AP (this is what was under the glow worm costume)

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