Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Happenings #34 (November 2-8)

So, apparently I'm a trend setter, because my good friend Carrie has "copied" me and started doing her on "Week in Review" post. I really like reading these things and I love that Carrie said "SD doesn't really have the patent on talking about your week". Of course, when I showed Peyton her post he wanted to draw up a pretend patent and post it, because that would be so hilarious, in his opinion. I told him he could if he wanted to. We'll see.

But, back to the actual post.

Just a few updates first. This week started out slow, but ended really busy. I did better with meeting some of my goals (I actually cooked three times this week!!) and I've kind of gotten myself and AP on a better schedule. I also almost finished with my closet. I have to try on a ton of pants and do my purses but that is it. The boxes are going to the attic tomorrow. I really meant to be finished today, but that's okay. I did work three days and cook supper three night, haha! Onto the week's events....

On Monday, we ran errands (Lowes, Walmart, Kroger) and then we took AP by Peyton's parents' house in her Halloween costume, since Peyton's mom had to work that weekend. They thought she was so adorable, of course!

Annie and Peyton's momma

cutest glow worm EVER

Annie hanging out with her own baby glow worm
(or Very Hungry Caterpillar. Whatevs.)

Tuesday was Mother's Morning Out and then we all ran some errands (the bank, SeeSaws-a cute little baby boutique, and back to Walmart) again before Peyton had to go in to work.

Wednesday was SO laid back. AP and I stayed home all day. I worked on my closet a bunch and on some other things that definitely needed to be done around the house--cleaning bathrooms and such and I cooked us fish for dinner.
AP helping Momma organize

I love it when I see Annie like this, because this is the exact way my beloved grandmother used to sleep

On Thursday, AP and I went to MMO and that was it, except for some lazing around, laundry, and making spaghetti.

Friday was SUPER busy. I subbed at Saint Andrews (Peyton kept Annie most of the day before he went to work and then his mom kept her) and then I met the momtourage at Mistletoe Marketplace for some shopping and intriguing conversation.

Then Saturday proved to be crazy, as well. Our nephew, Simeon, got baptized on Saturday morning and then we went to a friend's wedding that afternoon. After that, we went to Newk's and came home and just relaxed.
She was super excited about her cousin's baptism


These booties belonged to my GRANDMOTHER that I mentioned above....antique baby shoes. I was so nervous about letting her wear them, but my mom says "you have to use the special things you have or they aren't worth having" and it was the perfect occasion. Peyton also promised to help "guard" the booties and said he checked on them many times. HAHA!

Later at the wedding with our friend, William (he worked at the pool with me and Peyton)

Peyton and William enjoying the Fondu. That aqua coat looks lovely with Peyton's suit, doesn't it?

Today we went to church and then AP and I went to my parents' house. This afternoon Peyton, Annie and I took a walk and we all three went to the grocery store tonight. For some reason, our baby that sleeps ALL THE TIME (I know; I count my blessings) decided not to take ONE nap all day. She wasn't really fussy until about 6:00, but she would not go to sleep even then. She finally went to bed around 10ish and I was so happy for her.

Next week is going to be CRAZY BUSY, but so fun!

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