Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #35 (November 9-15)--Better Late Than Never

We look beat! I'm honestly surprised that the three of us don't all look a lot worse; we were so tired.

Well, this was a crazy week; it just about did me in, especially the second half! I'm going to jump right in....

On Monday I got my hair cut (again! I didn't get her to take enough off a few weeks ago) and made chili. I did some other things, too, but I can't really remember that well.

Tuesday was Mother's Morning Out and then we went to Target and Wal-mart. Peyton and I also had a little spat over something really trivial, complete with the typical response of me becoming hysterical. We made up. Not in a scandalous way, though. Not that it's scandalous when you're married.

On Wednesday I kept our friends' little boy Zach. Two babies is exhausting! But it was fun and they are both so good; I really can't complain.

Thursday we went to MMO and then since Wednesday was my mom's birthday and I hadn't done anything for her AP and I stopped by Batte and brought her a treat from one of her favorite places, We Love Yogurt. Then we met my friend, Morgan and her baby, Mary Milton at one of my favorite places, Bon Ami. I had a crab quiche and tomato basil soup and it was delish. I had so much fun with Morgan and MM....I love "lady lunches".

On Friday, AP and I went to get me life insurance. Peyton says it's a good validation of the importance of my job. I think it's nice he thinks it's so important and I have to agree. Friday night I went out to eat (Mexican--yum!) and to Easely Amused with Ashley and Carrie. We had so much fun and it was a nice treat to do something without the babies (even though, of course, there is nothing cuter/sweeter than AP hanging out with her little friends). I know I probably say this all the time, but I was obviously not expecting God to bless me with a baby when He did and I certainly was not expecting him to bless me with "Mommy friends", as well. When I got pregnant, I did not have one close friend with a baby. Currently, I have three (four in January) dear friends who are doing exactly what I am doing right now.

I totally stole this picture from Carrie's blog (which I guess is why that weird little box is there), but she stole my "weekly happening" post idea, so I think she'll be okay with it. Also, do I look like a midget?

I think it turned out okay, but this is my least favorite I've done so far

I think the NYC one is the best!

Saturday was the football game. The 11:00 football game. The 11:00 football game that required us to get up at 5:00 in the A.M. Except that we woke up at 6:00 in the A.M. by accident. No fear--we made it! Peyton very safely and patrol car consciously, drove about 95 on strategic stretches of the trip (and I didn't nag that much about it being a bad idea because I was to busy being amazed at the other cars that were passing us, probably going 115 mph and also, um getting an extra couple of hours of much needed sleep). We stayed in the Grove, of course, but a friend of Peyton's had given him some amazing tickets, so he and Daddy went.

Annie playing in the Grove

Annie and Mommy

"Yay! Daddy got to come this time!"

We made Con (Cookie's bf) hold AP for the first time.

"OH MY! Rebel victory!" (Minnie LOVES to do "OH MY! with AP)

I have some more pictures that Sally, one of Cookie's friends mom took with her fancy camera (she is going to take our Christmas pictures). I keep thinking I may need to aquire one of these. My blog/mom friends and Sally are creating a covetous spirit within me. I've got to get to work on mine (and Annie's) Christmas lists. I've got to narrow some things down.

We had a great drive back (good car convos about skills we wanted to learn and Bible studies we wanted to start--I really want to actually do these things) and got back in town around 8ish and went directly to our friends, Morgan and Haydn's house for dinner. Dinner was fabulous. Mary Milton had a bit of a fussy time and it was so funny to see Annie's face when she cried, she looked so confused like "What of these babies that do strange things, such as cry??" We had a fun night, discussing the perversions in Rankin county that Haydn sees in his circuit court job and the great debate of whether or not lying to your children is ever appropriate, specifically in the case of jovial yuletide fellows of the bearded variety. It was so much fun and we really don't do it enough. Just like it's great for me to spend time with other Mommas, I think it was a really nice experience for Peyton to get to hang out with another Papa!

Sunday was Annie's baptism. She kind of got off to a rough start, but I figured she'd be fine once we got there. She did okay, but was a little cranky before the service started. Imagine my surprise when my "play baby" (what I say sometimes because she's not like real baby, just one I practice on, she's so good) screamed during the baptism. I had just envisioned her smiling and cooing the whole time. Not the case. Well, she kept it up afterwards so much that we had to take her to the nursery. I couldn't believe it; we had discussed that we wouldn't take her unless she was just out of control. She pretty much was. I was just so sad. I'd been emotional all morning and a few tears were shed. I think I was just so unprepared; seriously of all the babies I've seen Brother Kelly baptize, I've never seen ONE really cry. I told her that this was a great thing to happen because it was a good example of how Mommy and Daddy and the Lord love her even when she messes up. Peyton told me that she's a baby and she cries and that's not "messing up" and I was acting absurdly. Yeah. That was a little ridiculous.

AP and I BEFORE the water works extravaganza (this was the baby I was expecting for the whole thing)

We don't really "do" godparents in the Methodist church. But we wanted to. So we did. There he is. He loves her so much.

the three of us

"Why did you take me away from my Momma? That was so mean of you, Brother Kelly!"

She is rather old to be getting baptized (most people at our church do it at a couple of months--she's seven months), but for a variety of reasons, that's what I wanted. I know she's just at the age that someone abruptly taking her from me is kind of scary. Peyton's parents did make me feel better by reminding me that she does that with them (I usually feel guilty about that too, so there was some relief there). And my dad made me feel better by saying how smart she is; you know, that she knew to panic when she couldn't see us. Haha! Anyway, I'm going to do a whole post with pictures and the video of the baptism.

One great thing about the baptism was that the sermon today was wonderful and our families all enjoyed it. This made me really happy because both my parents are Christians (sometimes I think their personal faith is stronger than mine) but they don't go to church consistently. So, I hope with the holidays coming up, we can get them to go with us some more.

After the service, we went home to my parents house and had a little get together with our family and a few friends who came to the service. My mom had made grits and greards (a great southern breakfast/brunch dish). I ate SO much! I ended up staying at my parents all afternoon, since Cookie was home (Peyton played ultimate frisbee and went back to church--where does he get this energy??) . AP, champion napper, hadn't slept much the past two days, so she zonked out quite a bit all afternoon. Last night, I straightened my house enough to satisfy myself for the was like a war zone (when Carrie came to pick me up Friday night, I cracked the door and slithered out, I was so embarrassed...haha).

I think that this week is going to be a little less busy and I am so glad, even though last week was super fun. I really want to get my house under control and I need to play catch up with the washing machine and bathrooms that need cleaning. I'm hoping to really get everything organized/clean because Thanksgiving week should be pretty low-key, too but I have a couple of projects to tackle and then it will be Christmas decorating time!


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