Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #36 (November 16-22)

Well, another one of those "better late than never" weekly happenings posts....

I had so hoped since last week's picture had AP in footie pajamas and me in a t-shirt with no make-up that this week we'd do a bit better, but alas it was not to be. I didn't leave the house today and decided it would not be a good idea to put on an outfit/make-up simply for picture purposes. Keeping it real, friends.

A few interesting tidbits before I review the week's activities:

--I guess this has been the first really cold week, because I have been noticing that our house has issues with heating. Part of the issue is the house, part of the issue is the man who pays the mortgage on the house. The
cheapo, annoyingly green crazaramazing steward of our finances and the planet that I married likes to keep the house around 65 degrees. That makes for one cold Sarah D and one cold Annie baby. I think last year, since we spent most of the time, um pretty close to each other (as in, she: inside me) I didn't notice it as much. I thought I might have to start "wearing" her (how awesome for me to embrace some attachment parenting behaviors to further embellish my alternate persona as "crunchy momma"?). But no, Honey Bear, relented and we are existing at a "comfortable" 70 degrees (I prefer about 80, but I'm a tad cold-natured).

-- I have my suspicions that the Golden age of Princess NeverCry is waning and Lil' Waa Waa has taken up permanent residence in our home (what, I never told you Annie's Indian and rapper names? unbelievable.) I think that somebody slipped her a crazy pill this week. Or she's gotten real smart real quick and she's figured out the best way to elicit sympathy from one Sarah Denley Herrington and that Mommy will throw all her Ezzorific parenting practices out the window and pick her up if she cries uncontrollably. Or it's teeth. On of those. Oh, to be inside a babykins brain!

--One major project is almost complete; the great Christmas pajama find. I'll post more about it when I can actually say I've found them all, but I decided to go with a "theme", instead of just buying ones that are made as matching sets (they're pretty expensive and not super cute).

Now for the week's happenings. Remember how I said it wouldn't be busy? Well, yesterday I felt like I had been run over by a train; but it's been such a great week and was so worth it!

Monday was a really easy day. I FINALLY got my closet finished and all my summer stuff taken up to the attic. I was so happy about that! I did a few errands (Seesaws, Walmart, Target, and the cleaners) and then came home and made baby food and our dinner--ravioli noodles that I boiled (I still count that as making dinner, ha!).

Tuesday was pretty relaxed as well. Annie and I had mother's morning out and then we took something to get monogrammed and went to both (crazy, i know) Targets. When we got home, Annie was exhausted, so I put her in her crib for a nap. She was making a little noise on her monitor, but I waited a few minutes to check on her. I have a strategy here-if she cries a little I usually wait a few minutes and most of the time she goes back to sleep on her own. I always check on her, but I wait, because if she sees me that's just more frustrating for her. Well, she was crying softly and wouldn't stop, so I went in to check on her. Her blanket (that always stays tucked in) was untucked and covering her entire head. Of course, I snatched her up and sobbed. She was fine and looked at me like I was the biggest moron ever. We went over to my parents. My mom reassured me I wasn't the worst mother ever and we had Bully's BBQ for supper.

On Wednesday we stayed home all day. I got a lot of stuff done around the house:
- swept and mopped kitchen and sun room
- washed our bedding
- changed Annie's bedding to make it a safer situation
- purged the dvr--so frightening, yet liberating
- wrote some thank you notes for presents AP at her baptism (yet to address)
- organized some in AP's room
Also, my mom came over for a visit. We had a great time! Peyton got home really late because he went out for drinks with an old friend from pharmacy school.
Ann Peyton with her new, old (it was mine) bedding

Thursday we went to Mother's morning out and then had lunch with Carrie and Ashley and their girls. It was a bit of a fiasco, because Beagle Bagel has issues with providing adequate numbers of functional high chairs. AP of course was in her heinous carrier--I told them of my fear that she'll be two years old with a shoulder length page-boy and still riding in her SnugRide. Aubrey got the one available high chair, since she was the oldest/most mobile. And Evy sat in Aubrey's carseat (because she's precocious and decided to be done with the infant seat and move on to better car seats). Basically, the whole thing was hilarious and we looked even more like the circus came to town than we usually do!

Friday was a really fun day because we went to Handworks Market with (who else?) Ashley/Evy and Carrie/Aubrey. It was so much fun and way less intense than Mistletoe--better prices and less stress. Also, there was SO much cute stuff. I adore handmade things and Peyton adores supporting small business owners and local businesses, so it was a win-win situation.
Redic. Annie is in her carrier because she was asleep when we got there.

I got AP a few outfits. It's ironic because the ones on either end are 12 months (you know, I'm all for buying ahead) and the one in the middle is a newborn! We tried the NB dress on her and it fit; after Carrie and Ashley convinced me that there was no shame in putting her in a handmade newborn dress (I have issues about her size, sometimes) I got it. Peyton is convinced that the two 12 mo. outfits will fit when she is about three years old.

I also got a couple of Christmas things. Notice the Santa letter--the Santa debate rages on!

Saturday was great. It was the last game and I think I need to do a whole post dedicated to it. There are some great pictures and very dim videos that will be coming up soon. It was exhausting though. AP and I rode with my parents and we left Jackson around 8ish and got home around 12ish. Around 10ish, I remembered that I was leading Children's Church in t-minus however many hours, and had not gone over the lesson one time. I called Peyton and he read it to me and I got some supplies from my parents house before heading home. On the way home, I had a lovely interaction with an officer of the law. We went to bed around 2:00.

Ann Peyton and Papa resting while I was getting ready around 6ish Saturday morning. She's hugging him!

Cookie, Annie, yummy raspberry teether

Mommy and her little snow bunny

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I did children's church and it was fine. I did, however, forget to preview the magazines that they were using to cut out foods they were thankful for. Of course, they're all under five years old and I brought Cooking Light, so they're cutting out really fancy fish recipes and pasta that looks like is has sixty five ingredients. A few found the rogue Skinny Cow ad and cut it out, but mainly they were just cutting to cut. Well, our associate pastor's little girl (she's three) cut out this huge--I mean took up half her paper--bottle of wine. It was hilarious! Sidenote: It has come to my attention that occasionally my jokes pertaining to alcohol consumption are taken more literally than they are intended. So just to be clear--I don't think the little pumpkin really knew what it was or anything. AP stayed in the nursery and did great the whole time, since she wasn't getting baptized or anything this week. We got home changed and went over to my parents'. I was so exhausted I could barely function and Cookie was home so I knew they'd enjoy playing with her. I took a nice long nap and we had Newk's for supper. One of the perks of Cookie being home is that my parents cook/order out most every night, so I may be over there alot this week!
Enjoying a "rice rusk" in her Thanksgiving jammies at Mickey and Minnie's house

Then I came home and Peyton and I watched UP and just relaxed.

Such a great week. I have so many things I want to accomplish this week, since I won't be working at all!

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Ashley said...

I laughed out loud at so many moments in this chronicle. Just some highlights:
-your "crunchy mama" persona
-Princess NeverCry and Lil Waa Waa
-(my personal favorite) "Ezzorific"

omg. Hilare.