Monday, December 7, 2009

A "Bap-a-tized" Babykins

Well, we'll put this one in the "better late than never" category!

First of all, my crazy title. When we were little Cookie and I used to call it being "bab-a-tized" and would practicing dunking each other in the swimming pool and bath tub (although, we grew up Methodist, so I'm not sure where we saw anyone get dunked). Anyway.....

Also, just a couple of things, and then the video and pictures. One thing I want to be really clear about is that although Peyton and I (and the Methodist church as a whole) do believe in infant baptism, we don't believe that this makes Ann Peyton a Christian. She will accept Christ (we pray) on her own one day when she is ready. Baptism is a time when we as her parents, as well as her church community, covenant with God to do all we can to raise her in His ways. It is a time of incorporation into the community of faith. It is a time when we commit to do things for her such as "living a life that becomes the Gospel", "exercising all Godly care that she be brought up in the Christian faith", "teach her the Holy Scriptures and to give reverent attendance upon the private and public worship of Almighty God". And it is a time when we lift her up and claim her for Christ in advance of the age of accountability. [Note: I went back and reread this post and I hope I wasn't unclear. I don't really like the way that I worded that. We do NOT believe baptism is a means of salvation for children before they reach the age of accountability. We believe that all infants who die go to heaven and baptism is not tied to salvation in that way. We feel God has claimed the child and we are celebrating that! Also, when that child accepts Christ on his or her own is when he or she becomes a Christian, not at the time of baptism. We DO pray for infants and children in the church that they will make a decision for Christ when they are able to.]

Another question that several people have asked is why we didn't baptize her sooner. I really don't have a "spiritual" answer for that one. I really wanted my sister to be there and her schedule was crazy with Rush and football season and a million other things and so we wanted to choose a time that was good for her. AND, it was also extremely important to me that she wear Peyton's baptismal gown, which he and several of his siblings (and his Momma!) wore. It said it's a "one year", but I'm pretty sure they made babies littlier in Ms. Denise' time because it looked NOTHING like a 12 mo. does today. However, AP being so tiny, it just swallowed her when she was two or three months old. So for those reasons, we decided to wait. Anyway, I'm pretty sure her age was a factor in her acting the way she did. But, I don't think I would do it any other way--I couldn't imagine her not wearing the gown or doing it without Cookie!

NOW, for the pictures

I love her expression. We're framing this!

Family Picture. Why didn't someone (Cookie? Logan?) tell me my hair was in my face?

Take 2

Mommy and Annie

Annie and her godfather--like I said before, it's not something our church does, but we wanted to. So we did.

Annie with Mommy and Aunt Cookie

Ann Peyton with two of her favorites, Ellis and Logan

Ann Peyton looking at mean, old Brother Kelly (ha; he's the sweetest man ever!)

family pic, Peyton's side--Peyton's mom, Peyton's grandmother, me, AP, Peyton, Peyton's grandfather, Peyton's brother, and Peyton's dad (we were missing his three other siblings!)

Granny and PopPop with an Annie Baby (after they argued about who was less likely to drop her--they are like an old version of me and Peyton; I love that!)

family pic, my side-my dad and Layla, Cookie, my mom, my grandmother, me, AP, and Peyton

the food--Grits and Greards, rolls, and crunchy romaine salad

cookies my mom ordered from Campbell's Bakery. Yum!

The bakery got her monogram wrong. Also,Cookie thought it was sopposed to be an animal of some kind; it's a stroller (or a "baby carriage" as my mom calls our Graco-this looks more the part of a baby carriage than the Graco does).

And, finally, the video (if you have 5 minutes and 54 seconds):

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Tiffany said...

I love your video! Was it professionally made? It was so sweet when your pastor sang to your baby girl. What a sweet moment to share! ~Blessings!