Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BunBun's First Christmas [Part 1]

Despite a touch of illness, I'd say BunBun* had a great first Christmas!

Before, I go any further, I'd like to show you a little snapshot of her last year.
My, how she's changed!

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and as I mentioned, we found Annie in bed with my mom Christmas morning! I think her little fever virus combined with not being in her own bed was a bit much for her, and Minnie is just not a CIO kinda gal (what grandmother is, right?).

The night before, Peyton and I had laid out the stuff we got for Ann Peyton. It was so fun being Santa for a little person!
Annie got a TON of books. We also got her some other fun things:
- a sock monkey Jack in the Box
- a Peter Rabbit block puzzle
- an Alphabet Pal (funny story below**)
- some new Bible songs/childrens' songs CDs
- a robot to "chase", once she's mobile
- some footie pajamas
- a castle picture for her nursery (so pretty and around six dollars at Hobby Lobby)
- some handmade stuff from Etsy (adorable soft "shabby chic" blocks, a crocheted hat/booties/paci clip set, and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress)
- a set of stacking blocks
- a bunch of teething toys

My sweet mom also made us a "Santy Cake" and we snacked on it before going to bed!

On Christmas morning I got up took a shower, straightened my hair and did my make-up at about 6:30. I decided to do it this way for two reasons: 1) I knew we'd be going to Peyton's parents' house around ten and I would rather just get ready then, instead of having to leave the fun later and 2) I did not allow one picture of myself to be taken last year on Christmas morning at my parents' (save the Annie pic above) and I had to have them this year!

This was the first year that I remember that I woke up before my sister. Cookie had had an awful wreck the day before (she hydroplaned on I55 and hit a lamppost--can't believe I haven't mentioned that!!). So, she was sleeping hard.
I'm not sure who looks the rougher, Cookie or Ann Peyton. And she is going to kill me for putting this on here, but she looks like a model 99% of the time so......

Once we got downstairs the amount of stuff had basically quadrupled from what we put out for AP. My mom had made sure Peyton, Cookie and I got tons of stuff and she added quit a bit to Annie's pile. We are all SPOILED!

Mickey and Minnie got Annie some fabulous stuff! She got this big pink swing to swing in at their house.

My mom also got her a beautiful wicker rattle, some really pretty hair clips, and an adorable Radco duck Christmas ornament. And she got a bunch of stuff Minnie found at an IKEA when she was on a "girls trip" with her friends (I was thinking of going on one of those sometime soon, but then a certain friend of mine (cough, cough) had to go and get herself pregnant). She got her some stackable cups; a little frog bib, cup and bowl set; some finger puppets (Peyton went crazy over those); and an adorable frog thing to store stuff in in her closet.

And she got a highchair/shopping cart cover from Cookie. It is unisex, but much cuter than her car seat.

I got some great stuff from my Mom and Dad Santa, too. I love getting a bunch of little things, rather than a couple of big ones!
-TWO aprons
- an acrylic painting set (ha!)
- some really cute hand towels for the kitchen
- napkin rings
- a big brightly painted pitcher
- some Christmas plates
- a cute scrubbing brush for my kitchen sink
- a few other small decorative things for my house
- some pretty Christmas ornaments
- lip gloss and candy in my stocking

The most important thing, though, was a beautiful ring that belonged to my grandmother. She got it on her sixteenth birthday. It is so pretty and it makes me tear up because I just miss her so much.

Peyton racked up!

He got this chess set from my parents and me. I got him a chess set last year, but when I saw this one it was SO beautiful and so I went ahead and got it.

My mom also got him this bowl from Batte. I know it seems weird he'd want a decorative bowl, but when we were registering he loved it. It really wasn't my style (though I think it's beautiful) and so we agreed not to get it (it was also a bit pricey). I had been talking to her recently about how to use my bridal credit that I still have at Batte and I asked her about the bowl because I knew Peyton loved it. She said someone bought it along time ago. She had forgotten that she got it for him herself when it went on sale; ha!

And he got a big light from my Dad. Daddy is giving Peyton a tool every Christmas, with the hopes that one day Peyton will have as extensive a tool collection as he himself does.

I knew I was getting sewing lessons for Christmas from Peyton, but he had me some little things, too. He got me a t-shirt that says "Red Beans and Rice" and a cute little tape measure and this adorable sewing basket and he had something else waiting at his parents' house......

Ann Peyton seemed to like her little hat and her blocks!

I think I successfully conveyed how important books are to me. Between us and both her grandparents she got a TON. I was going to name them all, but this post is already out of control long, so I think I'll do that tomorrow in my "Read to Me" post.

loving on my Babykins....

I don't think she really knew what to make of all of it!

Sporting a new headband!

*As if AP didn't have enough nicknames, I've taken to calling her "BunBun". I realized that she has a plethora of rabbit toys, lovies, and stuffed animals. I guess I just love all things rabbit, who knew??

**Cookie, being the super mature young woman that she is, decided to test the Alphabet Pal while we were gone to Peyton's parents' house. "Test him for what?" you ask. Why, test him for profanity, of course! She tried to spell all the dirty words she could think of by pressing the letters really fast. Words that start with "sh" and words that end in "ck". Well, the Alphabet Pal was to smart for her! Whenever you do that, he says "Hehe, that tickles!". Wow!


Sherrie said...

It looks like you all had a lovely Christmas. Those babies sure require a lot of stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone does Santa like we do... Nana(my mom) loves being Santa, so being almost 30 he still comes to see mr and my husband along with my 19 year old sister. And my 6 month old had tons of stuff from the jolly old fella :) - we contributed a few toys because I knew Nana Santa had already got him plenty! And like you, we will always spend the night there on Christmas eve!

Katie said...

I love that your family does Santa presents like mine!
And that last part about your sister testing out the spelling toy... mad me laugh out loud.